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House Tip: Five delicious wines to try if you love Sauvignon Blanc, with Aidy Smith

The drinks expert and journalist shares a selection of different grape varieties for white wine enthusiasts

House Tip: How to make your bed for a better night’s sleep with Ariel Kaye

The founder and CEO of Parachute Home explains how selecting the right bedding can transform your sleeping patterns

House Tip: Nana Acheampong on what to wear once lockdown lifts

The fashion editor and celebrity stylist solves your wardrobe woes with tips on how to remain stylish

House Tip: How to arrange a cheese plate with Marissa Mullen

The DUMBO House member and cheese lover shares her six-step Cheese By Numbers method for the perfect spread

House Tip: How to reduce your plastic consumption with Emily Gauntlett

The Bower Collective marketing associate shares her tips for living more sustainably

House Tip: Why you should be a mentor with Mary Mandefield

The radio presenter shares her experience of being a mentee in the Soho Mentorship programme and reveals what it takes to be a good mentor

House Tip: How to curate Black experiences in the everyday with Aliyah Hasinah

The writer, director and curator provides three tips for successfully and considerately curating Blackness

House Tip: Mindfulness and movement with Kellie Williams

The personal trainer, fitness instructor and yoga teacher shares how movement can be used to strengthen the mind and body

House Tip: Alyssa Rosenheck on beating burnout with creativity

The interiors photographer and Cities Without Houses member talks about the importance of creativity and how it can alleviate stress

House Tip: Creating a community-focused agency with Alex Nikolov and Alex Moli

The founders of Spanish talent management company, Lexa, discuss how they got started and the importance of building their community

House Tip: Portrait photography tips from Vicky Grout

The Shoreditch House member and London-based photographer shares three of her go-tos for creating a strong portrait

House Tip: Samah Dada’s vegan chocolate tahini brownies

The Soho House New York member and Dada Eats founder shows us how to make one of her favourite recipes

House Tip: How to make an allergy-reducing nettle infusion with Heather Barnes

The Soho House Austin member and food photographer teaches us how to make a natural hay fever remedy

House Tip: How to keep a well-stocked pantry with Nora Logan

The holistic health coach and White City member shares her tips for go-to kitchen essentials

House Tip: How to reduce your environmental impact with Oceanic Global

This Earth Day, learn how to live more sustainably in five simple steps

House Tip: How to find your best colour match with Krista Roser

The fashion stylist figures out which shades suit us best

House Tip: Make Bastani milk with Ciera Tavana

The founder of wellness community, Muse, shares her recipe for the Persian drink

House Tip: Vision boarding with Francesca Gamble

Founder of communications agency, 29 London, shares her tips for envisioning your future

House Tip: Getting creative at home with Alexandria Coe

The London-based artist shares easy tips for creatively experimenting through still-life drawing

House Tip: Dane Baptiste on how to make toast without a toaster

The Soho House member and comedian shares handy tips about everyone’s favourite food staple

House Tip: How to get through lockdown the John Keats way

Painter Nancy Cadogan compares the poet’s quarantine learnings with her own

House Tip: Hot cross buns for Easter

Nicola Cooper of Blake’s Kitchen shares her recipe for these signature treats

House Tip: How to make our Island Negroni House Tonic with Banks Rum

Banks Rum European ambassador, Alison Bartrop, hosts a negroni-making workshop

House Tip: How to raise capital with Marian Spier

The cultural strategist and founder of Fem-Start provides five tips for raising money to support your business idea

House Tip: Quick parental wins in lockdown with Jenny Scott

The Mothers Meeting founder shares her tips on staying calm with the family

House Tip: Spring equinox tarot card reading with Inner Compass Cards

Neel van Lierop invites members to set out what they hope to accomplish in the new season

House Tip: Tiffany Hamilton-Atkins on setting up a meditation space at home

The yoga and meditation teacher, and Soho House’s Wellbeing Manager, shares tips for creating a decorative domestic sanctuary

House Tip: Simon Sinek on how to cultivate an infinite mindset

The motivational speaker provides tips for living more holistically and thinking beyond the self

House Tip: Poppy Delbridge on reaping the benefits of rapid tapping

Learn a restorative tapping method to relieve stress and neutralise the body

House Tip: Make your own twisted candles with Klara Risberg

The Swedish recipe developer and all-round homemaker shares her secrets for making DIY candles