Why Liz Truss would never get a job at Soho House

Liz Truss | Soho House

If the new PM’s policies are anything to go by, our values just don’t really align…

Monday 5 September   By Teo van den Broeke   Sculpture by Wilfrid Wood

Liz Truss has been announced as the new UK Prime Minister having been voted in as Boris Johnson’s replacement as leader of the Conservative party. And while we’re proud to be politically impartial here at Soho House, we do know one thing: based on her key policies, Truss would never land a leadership role at Soho House. Here’s why. 

The Truss policy: To oppose a freeze in the energy price cap
Why it’s not the right fit for Soho House: Whether you’re coming in for a week of free brekkies and electricity for your laptop tapping at Soho Works, or settling in for a long, warm shower in the Shoreditch House gym, our energy is your energy – and there’s no cap on that. 

The Truss policy:
To only start paying off debt in 2025
Why it’s not the right fit for Soho House: We love our members more than we love Picantes, but if you walk out forgetting to pay your bill, we’re unlikely to wait three years before we ask you to pay it. Sorry.

The Truss policy: To encourage workers back to offices
Why it’s not the right fit for Soho House: We get it. It’s vitally important for the economy to get our metropolises buzzing during the week again – but the truth is, if you have a Soho Works membership (you should really have a Soho Works membership) then you’re much better off continuing to sack off the office and stay working with us instead. Does your workplace have leather sofas and mood lighting like 180 House? Or free snacks and airy meeting rooms like Soho Works Shoreditch? Thought not. 

The Truss policy: To lift defence spending by 3%
Why it’s not the right fit for Soho House: Because we’re not a bouncer-fronted kind of members’ club, ya know? 

The Truss policy: To deregulate the city
Why it’s not the right fit for Soho House: We embrace members from all walks of life (so long as they have creative souls), but if you’re in a job that allows you to start behaving fiscally irresponsibly on a macro scale – and you do so – then you can consider yourself regulated out of a membership. 

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