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Cities Without Houses membership

Even if you don't have a Soho House nearby, you can be part of our community and visit our Every House clubs with Cities Without Houses membership

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Where we are

We have Cities Without Houses members everywhere from Austin and San Francisco, to Copenhagen and Tokyo

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Events near you

From private gallery viewings and music nights, to fitness classes and pop-up dinners, every city has its own monthly events calendar

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Local perks

Cities Without Houses members get special perks and offers on a wide range of tickets, events, restaurants and local brands


Aspen • Atlanta • Austin • Bangkok • Beijing • Bogota • Boston • Budapest • Buenos Aires • Cape Town • Copenhagen • Detroit • Dublin • Johannesburg • Lisbon • Melbourne • Mexico City • Milan • Montreal • Nashville • New Orleans • Paris • Philadelphia • Portland • Rio • Rome • San Francisco • Sao Paulo • Seattle • Seoul • Shanghai • Singapore • Stockholm • Sydney • Tel Aviv • Tokyo • Vancouver • Vienna • Warsaw • Washington • Zurich

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Under 27 membership

If you're under 27, you get a lower rate for Every House or Local House membership, plus extra weekly perks

Interested in becoming a member?

Have a question about membership?

We do offer friends and family rates at some of our Houses. Go to bedrooms and select friends or family when selecting who you are booking for.
Your membership renews automatically on an annual rolling basis, subject to Soho House terms and conditions
If you have friends or family who would like to apply for membership, they can add your name and email address to the application form. We'll be in touch to confirm we have received their application.