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The big splash: Where to tame your wild swim

Embrace that endorphin high from the open air, seaweed-free sanctuary of a Soho House pool, says al fresco bather Sarah Tomczak

Isamaya Ffrench’s debut beauty line substitutes beige for BDSM

One of the industry’s most boundary-breaking makeup artists has finally given her legion of fans the brand they’ve been waiting for

Life without plastic, it’s fantastic

Hannah Rochell, thought she was a conscious consumer – but going an entire day without touching the hard stuff went far beyond refillable water bottles.

The Soho Sex Column: Has online dating become the only way to meet people?

Our resident sexpert, Olivia Petter, is a fan of music festivals as a cure for app fatigue. Rendezvous at House Festival?

The Zodiac Dispatch: It’s Cancer season and things are getting emotional

The month of the Crab waves in an ocean of feeling, encouraging a reconnection to our empathetic hearts and a moment of self-care

Monday Movement: The healing power of the meta breath

Supercharge the intention of love and kindness with this guided practice for both self and others

The Soho Sex Column: Is hooking up with someone you know is in a relationship ever OK?

Is hooking up with someone you know is in a relationship ever OK?

Bad karma: Exposing the dark side of yoga

Restoring the mind, body and soul is yours for the taking – but only if you’re slim-limbed, bendy, able-bodied, and (probably) white, writes Nadia Gilani

Pride Voices: How makeup helped me see my non-binary beauty

Writer and eyeliner enthusiast Dominic Cadogan explains how cosmetics were key to discovering their authentic self

Monday Movement: A blissful bedtime practice to end the day

Guarantee a good night’s sleep with this five-minute box breath wind-down by Othership

Changing the face of beauty

Dorion Renaud, multi-hyphenate and founder of Buttah Skin, shares his industry journey from outsider to CEO

The rise of queer astrology

In the spirit of Pride, astrologer and member, Clarisse Monahan, explores how queer astrology seeks to rethink masculine and feminine gender constructs

The Soho Sex Column: Can you have a good relationship with no sex?

This week, our resident sexpert Olivia Petter tackles the big issue: how often are couples actually having sex?

Monday Movement: Feel the burn with Hot Pilates owner, Shannon Nadj

Challenge your lower body with this Pilates-inspired workout from the Little Beach House Malibu member.

The Soho Sex column: What makes a good first date?

This week, our resident sexpert Olivia Petter answers our members’ burning questions – from dusting off breadcrumbing to post-pandemic dating

Monday Movement: Recover faster with this simple breathing technique

Move from conscious to subconscious in this down-regulated, guided breathwork practice with Othership

Revival tactics: Five bounce-back treatments to offset the Jubilee bank holiday

From the instant boost of an IV drip to the relaxing solace of a long warm bath, here’s how to stay out of the ‘I’m never drinking again’ club

The Soho Sex Column: Have you got a question for our new contributor?

Welcome to the very first Soho House sex column

The Zodiac Dispatch: June horoscopes

Clarisse Monahan explores the gossip-loving chatterboxes of the zodiac whose frivolous energy is charting a month of social brilliance

Curfew Grooming is cutting up the barbershop blueprint

As the south London-based business takes up a residency at Soho Farmhouse, we speak to founder Ben Theophanus about what to expect

Monday Movement: Start your next meeting with this five-minute breathwork practice

Breathe deep and find your focus in this guided session from member-founded studio, Othership

TITS UP: what they don’t tell you about breastfeeding

For the first episode of her podcast, TITS UP, Kim Howells discusses breastfeeding with fellow mum Leanne Elliott-Young

Why are you still working out in your airless living room?

Catch an IRL yoga sunrise, try breathwork beneath the moon, or sweat it out poolside. As summer nears, it’s time to take your training outside

Introducing Soho Health Club Hong Kong

From celebrity trainers and ice baths to world-class design and Fight Nights, here’s everything you need to know, see, and do

Why are wild swimmers so smug? (Clue: long life and toned arms)

Seasoned outdoor swimmer, Omie Dale, shares the benefits of her favourite pastime and the best places to do it around the UK this summer

Monday Movement: The most effective way to shape and tone your legs

Little Beach House Malibu member, Shannon Nadj, leads a 10-minute circuit to target the lower body

Hussain Manawer: the poet who has tackled mental health with everyone from Ed Sheeran to Oprah

The east London mental health activist tells Soho House why he waited over a decade to release his debut book, ‘Life Is Sad And Beautiful’

Mental Health Awareness Week: Are you ready for a ‘feral girl’ summer?

Forget rigid self-care regimes – we explore the new TikTok trend that’s all about letting loose

Mental Health Awareness Week: Inhale a brand new day

Start your morning with this 10-minute guided breathwork session from Toronto studio, Othership

Mental Health Awareness Week: Drop the ‘woo-woo’

In a bid to reconnect with the younger generation, many at the forefront of the wellness industry are looking to be relatable, rather than radical