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Fhitting Room: Interval training

A full-body session featuring two sets of four movements for eight minutes

Core Collective: Full Body Strength

Build stamina, strength and power in this full body-weight strength class

Why the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be like no other

After a year’s delay, the global sports spectacle begins this week. But this time, things are different. Here’s everything we know

How bioacoustics help connect us to the natural world

CWH Mexico City member Romina Cenisio explores the rise of digital nature and the power of forest bathing

Core Collective: Bodyweight HIIT

Soho House | Challenge your fitness levels with this full-body cardio workout

Tune in, drop out: The future of psychedelic science

Maarten van Huijstee talks to us about the power of psilocybin

The Zodiac Dispatch: Why Neptune retrograde is a time to seek new truths

Clarisse Monahan explores how a cosmic shift is moving us towards a more realistic understanding of life as we know it

Core Collective: Power Yoga

Stimulate and strengthen your body and mind with this 45-minute workout

Feel confident through your skin with Teresa Tarmey

The Dior Beauty UK skin ambassador and ‘super-facialist’ talks to Soho House’s Reena Hammer about her summer residency at Soho Farmhouse

Introducing Soho Health Club

Health practitioners, beauty therapists, personal trainers and movement instructors – we want to hear from you

Asian American Collective: Inclusion and representation beyond the binary

For Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May, the collective’s founders discussed what safe spaces for Asian-Americans look like offline and across America

This East meets West playlist will supercharge your workout

Hong Kong committee member and founder of Clockenflap festival puts together a motivational playlist to power-up your next exercise session

Is dehydration affecting your performance?

Fresh Fitness Food explain how water can be pivotal in enhancing your performance and health

The rise of queer astrology

Clarisse Monahan explores how an emerging queer astrology seeks to rethink masculine and feminine gender constructs

Introduction to breath with Inward Breathwork: Week four

Start your day feeling balanced and energised with this 16-minute meditative sequence

Introduction to breath with Inward Breathwork: Week three

This 30-minute meditative practice shows you how breathing can be used to reach a deep state of relaxation before sleep

Introduction to breath with Inward Breathwork: Week two

The cofounder of Inward Breathwork shares a 15-minute active practice to show how breathing can be used for relieving stress and feeling good

How running has changed for the Black community

Wellness coach and Soho House Chicago member Kayla Jeter discusses the sport’s evolution from fear to freedom

Twelve-minute core workout with Simon Banwell

Combat your abdominal and oblique muscles with this equipment-free conditioning and strength workout

Fifteen-minute boxing workout with Stephen Adentan

Aimed at working the entire body, this high-intensity training session, which includes boxing and conditioning, is guaranteed to make you sweat

Twenty-minute strength conditioning workout with Héloïse Nangle

Designed to work your entire body, have a pair of weights at the ready for this high-intensity session

Eight-minute breath practice with Aicha Mckenzie

Ground yourself by pausing, switching off, and focusing on your breathing with this short session

Fifteen-minute morning yoga with Mai Izumitani

Combining slow movements and restorative stretches, this session is sure to energise and rejuvenate

Manifesting: The new self-development practice to live by

Emotional health adviser and Greek Street member Roxie Nafousi explains how we can think our way to better circumstances through manifesting

Five beauty influencers who are championing self-love

Stylist Monikh Dale rounds up the natural beauty movers and shakers to follow now

Introduction to breathwork with Inward Breath: Week one

The founders of Inward Breathwork explain what breathwork is and how it can be beneficial to your health

Maximum impact series with Core Collective: Week six

Jess Learoyd, yoga teacher at Core Collective, takes us through the final session in this six-week, full-body workout programme

Sweat series with Niix: Week two

Nicki Philips, the founder of fitness app Niix, returns with the final episode in her two-part high-intensity programme, designed to make you sweat

Maximum impact series with Core Collective: Week five

Héloïse Nangle, chief operating officer at Core Collective, takes us through the penultimate session in this six-week, full-body workout programme

Mindful breathing with Just Breathe: Week four

Michael James Wong, founder of the Just Breathe community and meditation app, releases the fourth and final episode in this series