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The Soho House guide to the London Marathon

Shoreditch House member Allegra Haines reveals the rituals, music and Houses she’ll be tapping into pre and post race

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Pencil-thin, bleached out or completely hairless? We’re saying goodbye to well-manicured brows, and welcoming a new era of dramatic face-framers

Mercury is in retrograde; here’s how to survive it

With the communication planet back-spinning until 2 October, member and astrologer, Clarisse Monahan, gives each zodiac sign their personal insurance plan

The Hot List: 12 cool things to buy this week

From a YSL lipstick machine and a Prada cardholder to limited-edition Zara x Studio Nicholson jeans – here’s what we’re adding to our cart

The Soho Sex Column: Is focusing on my ‘type’ holding me back?

This week, our resident sexpert Olivia Petter discusses the concept of a romantic ‘type’ and whether it does more harm than good when dating

Welcome to the Love Glossary: a guide to modern relationships

From radical monogamy to polyamory, with a quick stopover at throuples, here’s your need-to-know

Six Soho Skin products the Soho House team can’t live without

As the range launches to the public, they reveal the skincare favourites claiming a permanent spot on their bathroom shelves

The Zodiac Dispatch: Libra season is here to help us buddy up

This month member and astrologer, Clarisse Monahan, weighs in on the diplomatic energy of the zodiac’s most balanced and co-dependant sign

The Soho House guide to the Berlin Marathon

Kicking off our autumn marathon series, lululemon ambassador, Eugen Schiller, shares his tips and favourite House moments to see you through those 26.2 miles

Kendall Jenner’s guide to maintaining mental wellbeing

Kendall Jenner Talks Mental Health on Jay Shetty Podcast

The Soho Sex Column: Let’s talk about being the last single friend

This week, Olivia Petter, gets candid about what it’s really like to be the only non-coupled person in your friendship group

Soho Sex Column: Was your first love the real deal?

Is Your First Love The Real Deal? The Soho House Sex Expert Investigates

Everything you need to know about Soho Farmhouse’s new Lazy Lake

Rewilding now comes with a chilled Picante, natural bath soak and an outdoor massage (at least, it does at Soho House)

Has Nicole Kidman made jellyfish hair cool for the over fifties?

The 55-year-old actress may have just closed the age gap on the TikTok-born beauty trend spreading like a rash across Gen Z

As Tinder turns 10, Soho House staffers share their juiciest date stories

The OG dating app is celebrating its first decade. We raise a glass to swiping right with the best, worst – and weirdest – anecdotes of our own

Soho Sex Column: Should I get on board with sober sex?

This week, resident sexpert Olivia Petter lifts a glass to the rise of the teetotal shag

Summer burnout is real. Here’s how to bounce-back

Had a touch too much fun in the sun? We have the treatments you need to get in shape for the ‘big return’ (to work, that is)

Kim K is sizing down. But what does that mean for WOC?

We’re witnessing the death of the BBL. Sagal Mohammed investigates what it says about the way society values women of colour

The Soho Sex Column: Can you get over ‘the ick’?

This week, our resident sexpert Olivia Petter delves into that nagging feeling of disgust we’ve all experienced in dating

Is TikTok’s ‘internal shower’ chia seed water actually healthy?

We weigh in on the celebrity-crafted viral drink that claims to help cleanse you in just a few gloopy gulps

Kate Moss has entered the chat with self-care brand, Cosmoss

The iconic British supermodel stripped naked to announce her newest venture. Here’s what we know so far

What Joe Jonas’s Botox revelation says about male beauty

One third of the Jonas trinity has revealed that he has regular injectable touch-ups, but what does it mean in a wider context? Teo van den Broeke investigates

‘Marinated makeup’ is the beauty trend that wants you to get messy

Cue a collective sigh of relief – this growing fad rejects perfectionism in favour of a grungy ‘lived in’ look

The Zodiac Dispatch: Knuckle down, it’s Virgo season

It’s time to get studious and hit the gym as we enter the hardest working sign, says astrologer and member, Clarisse Monahan

Tune out before you burn out at the best Soho House spas

From weekend retreats to lunchbreak resets, here’s our guide to the modern sanctuaries worth visiting all year round

The Soho Sex Column: Do relationship age gaps matter?

This week, our resident sexpert, Oliver Petter, gets candid about what big age gaps really mean for a relationship

Gone to pot: Inside Nashville’s booming CBD industry

Hemp is big business in Music City, thanks to the fertile minds of local entrepreneurs… and the fertile soil of the Volunteer State

Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut trend is sliding onto your nails

This summer, the model’s viral beauty aesthetic is all TikTok is interested in

Meet the man doing 52 triathlons in a year

53-year-old dad and Brighton Beach House member, Rob Starr, is changing lives one step, stroke and pedal at a time

We’ve found your perfect cosmic love match. Yes, really (perhaps)

As streaming giant Amazon Prime dips its toe into celestial match-making, The Zodiac Dispatch dives deep for this astro love special