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The Zodiac Dispatch: the art of astrology and wellbeing

Clarisse Monahan looks at how your natal sign and ruling planet can help guide holistic health choices to fine-tune your mind and body

Your next full body workout in just 15 minutes

Energise and train your entire body in this express class from London studio, GRNDHOUSE

Fhitting Room: HIIT finisher

Get your heart rate up in just four minutes with this short workout

Your new go-to workout for glutes and core

Join London studio GRNDHOUSE for a one-dumbbell workout to tone your glutes and abs

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Our New York fitness partner Fhitting Room delivers a 5-minute AMRAP with three movements to burn the lower body and core

Your 15-minute express workout to build upper body strength

London-based strength studio, Grndhouse, lead a quick, focused class to build strength in your shoulders, chest, back, and arms

Your midday core workout direct from New York

Join New York fitness partner, Fhitting Room for a five-minute core-focused session

TITS UP: Calming methods for crazy times

A conversation with obstetrician Dr Gowri Motha on preparing your body for birth, and the energy points surrounding you during pregnancy

GRNDHOUSE: Express Lower Body

Grab two dumbbells and join GRNDHOUSE for a 15-minute strength-based workout

BLOK: Dynamic Vinyasa

Join BLOK’s head of yang yoga, Jules, for a 60-minute Dynamic Vinyasa yoga class to stretch the entire body

Shalini Sarena on how to bring mindfulness into your daily life

The mindset coach and Soho House Mumbai member talks us through three key tips to successfully practise mindfulness

BLOK: Floor Barre

Join BLOK’s head trainer of barre, Ellya Sam, for a 30-minute full-body workout with no equipment necessary

TITS UP: The lifeline everyone should know about

In the second episode of the podcast, Kim Howells talks to Dr Natalie Shenker, cofounder of the Hearts Milk Bank, about the benefits of donor breast milk

Fhitting Room: HIIT finisher

The ultimate end to any workout in just five minutes

The Zodiac Dispatch: Charting your horoscope through the art of astro-herbalism

In this month’s column, astrologer and member Clarisse Monahan explores how linking herbalism to astrology can offer a cosmic life hack

Fhitting Room: Core workout

An eight-minute strength-based session to really focus on your core

Making a point: Olympic fencer Ysaora Thibus is fighting for female visibility in sport

Jade Ang Jackman’s latest documentary short, ‘The Countdown’, serves to highlight the lack of media coverage on women in the sporting world

Fhitting Room: HIIT finisher

A five-minute AMRAP with three movements to burn the lower body and core

Fhitting Room: Tabata workout

A five-minute cardio blast to increase your heart rate and challenge your fitness

TITS UP: what they don’t tell you about breastfeeding

For the first episode of her podcast, TITS UP, Kim Howells discusses breastfeeding with fellow mum Leanne Elliott-Young

TITS UP: The new breastfeeding podcast every mum needs

Creative director Kim Howells on launching her new podcast and changing the conversation around breastfeeding

Fhitting Room: Interval training

A full-body session featuring two sets of four movements for eight minutes

Core Collective: Full Body Strength

Build stamina, strength and power in this full body-weight strength class

Why the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be like no other

After a year’s delay, the global sports spectacle begins this week. But this time, things are different. Here’s everything we know

How bioacoustics help connect us to the natural world

CWH Mexico City member Romina Cenisio explores the rise of digital nature and the power of forest bathing

Core Collective: Bodyweight HIIT

Soho House | Challenge your fitness levels with this full-body cardio workout

Tune in, drop out: The future of psychedelic science

Maarten van Huijstee talks to us about the power of psilocybin