Soho Horoscopes: Embrace your inner flirt this Gemini season

Soho horoscopes: Gemini | Soho House

This month, astrologer and member Clarisse Monahan dives in to the fast – sometimes fickle – nature of this air sign

Sunday 21 May 2023   By Clarisse Monahan   Illustration by Rosa Viktoria Ahlers

Gemini season is like a cosmic alarm clock, alerting you that it’s time to wake up from slow and sleepy Taurus season and get moving. Because, before you know it, the year will be over. 

Our oh-so-mutable air sign, Gemini is ruled by speedster Mercury (the planet of communication) and its key traits are something like: fast, fickle, flirtatious, flighty, facile, forgetful. Gemini wants to hit all the parties, while Taurus wants to hang out, drinking brews in the garden. A social and charismatic sign, Gemini’s season betokens a time to make connections, chat people up, and work some angles. 

Be somewhat careful about what you say, though. Known above all for its silver tongue, Gemini’s influence can be catty, gossipy and two-faced. Avoid back-biting and use the speediness of this season to work on yourself. After all, once we hit caring Cancer season, we are going to become a shoulder to cry on instead.

Soho horoscopes: Gemini | Soho House

It’s your birthday season, dear twins, with the sun lighting up your ego zone. The astrological advice during solar transits through this part of the chart? Be yourself, accept yourself. Easier said than done, of course, especially for a dual-natured sign like you. Which self? Your work self? Your ideal self? Your ‘true’ self? All of that cerebral self-questioning is one version of Gemini. Another version: going out in red pumps and flirting at a bar. The best night for the latter will be 5 June, when a full moon in fiery Sagittarius will leave you simply wanting to party. 
With the sun transiting your inward zone of secrets (aka the 12th house), you might have an especially emotional few weeks, as your deep, watery nature merges with this murky part of the chart. Traditionally, the 12th house is seen as a site of bad energy or bad spirit. But it is also about letting go of the weight of the past. Your crab claw likes to hold onto things – but why? Use this transit to release something you’ve kept in your pincers for too long. We are in Gemini season, after all. The twins facilitate expression and communication. The next month, therefore, should be about putting into words something about 12th house hang-ups – your Cancer soul will feel much lighter if you do. 

You’ve got your ruling planet, the sun, suffusing your zone of friendship and social networking during Gemini season. Excellent placement. This is a time for you to be more interactive. Gemini energy is always curious, so use this moment to approach that person reading what looks like… is that Blaise Pascal’s Pensées? It is. Wow. This looks like someone who could be a new friend. Start a little conversation with them (Gemini is our most chatty sign). Wait, they are head of marketing at that amazing fashion brand out of Paris? Send them your CV? Are you serious? Really? Great! That’s how you work a sun-in-Gemini transit through your friendship zone, OK? 

Your theme this Gemini season? Career, career, career. As the sociable Gemini sun lights up your zone of vocation and higher calling, it’s time for you to think about partnering up to reach some of your goals. Remember that Gemini’s symbol is the twins. Think in terms of two, not one, this season. Find someone who can complement your precise, analytical nature. Maybe find a Gemini: charismatic, quick moving, in the mix, socially slick. Together, you can get big projects done this month and beyond. Bottom line: work with, not alone. Power of two, not one. 

One of the key words to describe Gemini energy: curious. This sign loves the ‘new’ (even if it quickly moves on to the next thing). With the Gemini sun highlighting your zone of higher learning and travel, you’ve got a perfect little transit for putting that yearn for newness into action. Visit a city you’ve never been to and take a boat tour. The higher learning zone of your chart is ultimately about expanding your vision, which starts with openness to the previously unseen. 

You’ve got the breezy Gemini sun energising your heavy eighth house (the one that considers sex, death, taxes, intimacy and transformation). Traditionally, this part of the chart is somewhat bluntly called ‘Other People’s Money’. It’s about shared finances. Debts. Insurance. But it’s also about sex. And passion. But then, taxes, too. And black magic. And spiritual transformation. Now, with all this complicated drama, it should be no surprise that this is actually your favourite part of the chart: you and your dark, complex Scorpio ways. Gemini energy wants to try new things, so align with the stars by experimenting with a new kink and/ or insurance plan.

One of the best album titles ever (and a pretty great album, too): Mötley Crüe’s Too Fast For Love. In a way, this title nicely describes Sadge’s mutable fire nature – but it gestures toward Gemini’s mutable air, too. In other words, there’s a lot of quick-changing energy in your chart this season, especially as it pertains to your relationship zone (Gemini sun is there for a month). If single, you might want to go out more than usual, having fun with friends, flirting, talking to strangers. If in a relationship, you might want to be out having fun with friends, too. This isn’t a time for heavy discussions. Gemini relates to communication, but of the lighter variety. Save the marriage talk for Cancer season. 

Your routine, diet and health zone gets lit up by the mutable Gemini sun this season. This part of your chart is also known as the ‘House of Chores’. Snooze. For Gemini, which always wants to be outside playing with friends, this can be a less than stellar transit. The essence of making the best of it, though, is to bring some of that vaunted Gemini curiosity to your routine. Check out a new podcast to listen to on a commute, or start up a conversation at the gym between reps. A full moon in fiery Sagittarius on 5 June indicates the best date of the season to break out of the grind and get a bit loco with friends.

You’re a Saturn-ruled sign (heavy), but the stars in their infinite kindness are saying ‘lighten up this season, Aquarius.’ Why so? Well, let’s just say that the buoyant Gemini sun activates your fun and romance zone this season. This part of the chart relates to pleasure, entertainment, art, procreation, recreation… Focus on being near nightlife and don’t worry if the guitars are perfectly tuned at the show. Just enjoy, instead. If you’re single, get a number and flirt by text. If you’re in a relationship, flirt as well. Bring some light-hearted fun into your love life. The most supercharged night for hijinks: a celebratory full moon in party animal Sagittarius on 5 June. Be there.

Summer is coming full throttle and the breezy Gemini sun is lighting up your home zone. The twins are mutable energy, always inviting change. After the long months of autumn, winter and an overly chilly spring (at least here in Europe), it’s time to look around your place. It needs a nice new coat of paint to make you feel alive again (Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace is primo for those in the US, while Farrow & Ball’s Wimborne White, with a subtle touch of yellow to add a sense of sunlight in your living room, is great for those in Europe). New moons are the best dates for starting a project: on 18 June, we have one in Gemini. Order that paint now.

As the chatty Gemini sun activates your communication zone, expect a double blast of energy around stuff related to words, speech and persuasion. This is a time for amping up your social media presence, for being brash, for being Aries, but with an even bigger megaphone powered by the stars. But don’t be too brash, friend. Your nature is rough and Mars-ruled – some would say rude, at times (not me, I like your direct style). For all those who need to crank out a late-in-the-game memo, paper, article or dissertation chapter, this is a perfect transit for getting stuff done. Check the celebratory full moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius on 5 June as your best date to enjoy bright lights, big city with a friend or lover. 

The overly ingenious Gemini sun activates your money zone this season. Fiscally, you’re a stable, methodical and circumspect sign, grounded in common sense. Gemini, on the other hand, has a bit of the hustler to it, offering suspect time-share condo deals in Belize. It sounds great and you sign up, giving merely your name and address to what looks like a reputable website, only to find your identity has been stolen to make some strange purchases on your credit card, which you now must cancel. All this is to say, don’t get seduced by any slick-sounding money schemes this month, because Gemini is in the air, dear bull, and it’s looking for dupes.