Meet A-list-approved manifestation expert, Roxie Nafousi

Meet Roxie Nafousi, the manifestation expert clearing up misconceptions about the practice | Soho House

Ahead of her stint at The Babington Wellness Retreat in May, the self-development coach – whose fans include Bella Hadid and Lady Gaga – sheds some light on the practice

Tuesday 11 April 2023   By Chloe Lawrance

For Roxie Nafousi, discovering manifestation was a lightbulb moment. After struggling with addiction throughout her twenties, the self-development coach and author was introduced to the practice through a podcast in 2018 – and suddenly everything started clicking into place. 

What followed was a journey of healing, as she immersed herself in self-development and self-love. These days, Nafousi is a case study for the power of manifestation: she’s built a career in helping people to feel more empowered to unlock their potential, and written two bestselling books – MANIFEST: 7 Steps To Living Your Best Life and MANIFEST: Dive Deeper –along the way. 

So, who better to speak to about the practice than Nafousi, who will be leading a session on manifestation at the upcoming Babington Wellness Retreat? Whether you’re already a convert, or still a little sceptical, she shares her journey – plus everything you need to know about manifestation. 

Meet Roxie Nafousi, the manifestation expert clearing up misconceptions about the practice | Soho House
Meet Roxie Nafousi, the manifestation expert clearing up misconceptions about the practice | Soho House

So, tell us – why manifestation?
‘When I first heard about the practice, it immediately resonated with me. I immersed myself in all things self-development – countless motivational videos, podcasts and as many books as I could read. I realised that manifesting was an umbrella for self-help and healing. Then, I began to develop my own seven steps to manifesting, condensing all the information I’d gathered into an accessible and practical method.’

Why do you feel manifestation is such a useful tool?
‘Manifesting is using the power of your mind to change and create the reality you experience. It’s a tool that empowers every single area of our lives and helps us to become the best version of ourselves. There is not a single person that can’t benefit from this practice. I know there are a lot of misconceptions about it that make it seem fluffy, or woo, or inaccessible, but when it’s understood correctly it’s none of those things.’

How did your career as a self-development coach and author come about? 
‘It all began with an Instagram “Agony Aunt” series; people would send in dilemmas for me to solve. After building a small community through this, I hosted a self-love workshop in November 2019, and then a manifesting workshop in January 2020. Then the pandemic hit, so I started doing online workshops every month, as well as seeing one-to-one clients via Zoom. The workshops were really popular and my community was growing quite fast. In 2021, I wrote my first book, MANIFEST: 7 Steps To Living Your Best Life. That was really significant in terms of changing the direction (and speed) of my career. Since then, I have hosted many more workshops, become a corporate speaker, and written and released a second book. It’s been a busy few years.’
What does your daily routine look like?
‘Every day is different, but generally I start and end the same way. I begin with getting my little boy ready for nursery, having a morning coffee, repeating affirmations and doing some exercise. Then, I end the day with a shower, my skincare routine, candlelight, and an early night – I need my eight hours.’
Do you follow any other wellness practices?
‘Even throughout my years of addiction, I loved wellness. But it didn’t really make much sense – I was working out and drinking green juices each morning, then binge drinking at night. Now, I’m glad I can enjoy the actual benefits of wellness (and not just to help me with my hangovers). I love anything that makes me feel better mentally, physically and emotionally: exercise, meditation, supplements, functional mushrooms, yoga and breathwork.’
Can you give us a taster of what members can expect at The Babington Wellness Retreat?
‘I’ll be taking members through my seven-step guide to manifestation. I hope they’ll leave feeling inspired, motivated and equipped with simple tools to make positive and lasting change in their lives.’

The Babington Wellness Retreat is running from Tuesday 23 to Wednesday 24 May at Babington House. Book your ticket here.

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