All the new workouts coming to Soho Warehouse this summer

All the new workouts coming to Soho Warehouse this summer | Soho House

With an additional 11 gym classes per week – from relaxing yoga to sweaty boxing sessions – our DTLA House has everything you need for both mind and body

<p></p><p>Saturday 6 May 2023   By Chloe Lawrance</p>

When it comes to clocking in those hours of movement each and every week, finding a workout routine you enjoy – and, crucially, can stick to – is half the battle. Executing that routine in an inviting gym space, complete with well-equipped training areas, knowledgeable personal trainers and relaxing wind-down facilities, is even better. 

Soho Warehouse ticks all these boxes and more. With two floors of sleek, industrial training space, you can book a one-to-one personal training session, follow your own programme using state-of-the-art free weights and Technogym machines, or grab a spot on one of our many weekly classes – of which there are now 11 new weekly offerings to choose from, both on the roof and in the gym itself. 

Whether you’re in need of a little workout inspiration or simply want to shake up your routine, we’ve pulled together a week of workouts to try at the House. Build strength, master Pilates or tap out from your hectic week with a relaxing yoga class – we’ve got you covered for it all. Then round the whole thing off with a dip in the rooftop pool.


Yoga Flow with John San Juan, 9am

Kick the week off with a relaxing one-hour Monday flow in an intimate setting – the yoga studio has a capacity of just 12 people. Smart sequencing is driven by a focus on breathing, while the smaller class size offers an individualised experience. Breathe in, breathe out, and allow your teacher to offer gentle, hands-on adjustments to ensure you get the most from your poses. 

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‘I hope to connect with members, make them laugh and help them reconsider their perspective on their bodies,’ says Yoga Flow instructor John San Juan. ‘There will be some yoga philosophy, some chakra work and either an abs or an ass sequence – because I’m gay and a little vain; but really because they’re the most fun muscles to target.’ 

All the new workouts coming to Soho Warehouse this summer | Soho House
All the new workouts coming to Soho Warehouse this summer | Soho House

Tread HIIT with Natasha Pineiro, 8am 

Unique to Soho Warehouse, Tuesday’s 45-minute class is certain to leave you a little sweaty. Alongside seven other students, prepare for four rounds of exercises, split between the treadmill and the floor, using equipment from resistance bands to dumbbells to boxes. Trainer Pineiro is on hand to keep an eye on your lifting form as you work on your strength and cardiovascular health in quick, fun blasts.

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‘This class will help improve your speed, power and endurance,' says Tread HIIT instructor, Natasha Pineiro. ‘One of the biggest advantages of HIIT is that you can get maximum benefits in minimum time – and no two classes are the same.’

Boxing with Chris van Heerden, 6pm 

Long day at the office, or work conflicts causing you stress? Then step inside DTLA’s boxing ring. This fast-paced, 60-minute class is the perfect way to punch away those frustrations while taking your workout up a notch. Lace up your gloves for a series of drills using the boxing bag, with floor work to finish, that promise to help promote lean muscle gain, increase strength, endurance and improve your cardiovascular health. 

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‘I will challenge and motivate you, both physically and mentally,’ says boxing instructor, Chris van Heerden. ‘But laughter is guaranteed.’

All the new workouts coming to Soho Warehouse this summer | Soho House
All the new workouts coming to Soho Warehouse this summer | Soho House

House Strength with Bernard Colburn, 9am

For fans of low-impact, big-results sweat sessions, this 50-minute, nine-person interval training class follows an EMOM format (that’s ‘every minute on the minute’ for the uninitiated) that rotates around three stations where you spend five minutes at a time working through a strength-training super-sequence using hex bars, sleds, squat racks, rowing machines, kettlebells and more. Do that all over again twice, and you’ll be more than ready to collect your post-class protein smoothie from the House’s all-new healthy eating space on the ground floor.

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‘My class is informative, based on scientific principles and fundamental exercises,’ says House Strength instructor, Bernard Colburn. ‘Expect foundational compound lifts combined with functional movement training, to help you become a stronger, more competent and more resilient version of yourself.’

Sculpt with Britt Turpack: 10.15am

Fridays are for winding down. This calming, Pilates-inspired class follows a series of moves that tone, build strength and improve your balance over 45 minutes. However, don’t be fooled: this class is anything but easy. Aided by Pilates balls, mini bands and light weights, small but effective movements target parts of your body you didn’t even know existed for a full-body workout that promises to leave you feeling the burn.

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‘I encourage my students to focus on the mind-body connection of Pilates,’ says Sculpt instructor, Britt Turpack. ‘It’s why I love it so much and what makes it so magical and effective. This class improves strength, posture, flexibility, cognitive awareness and overall confidence.’ 

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All the new workouts coming to Soho Warehouse this summer | Soho House
All the new workouts coming to Soho Warehouse this summer | Soho House
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