How to enhance your summer glow at our spas

How to enhance your summer glow at our spas | Soho House

The treatments – and the products – to give you that ‘just back from holiday’ radiance (whether you’ve been away or not)

Tuesday 15 August 2023   By Chloe Lawrance   Illustration by Petra Eriksonn

Although we’re not quite ready to say goodbye to the season yet, summer is entering its twilight hours. But that doesn’t mean the glow you’ve worked so hard for has to go, too. Whether you’re proudly sun-kissed from a recent trip, or plenty of rest and relaxation has left you looking radiant, we have everything you need to enhance your summer glow. And if neither of the above applies, don’t worry – we’re on hand to help you fake that ‘just stepped off a plane’ glow, too. 

Think: classic Cowshed facials, new and exciting residencies, and a plethora of Soho Skin products guaranteed to have your colleagues asking if you’ve just returned from a vacation for months to come.

How to enhance your summer glow at our spas | Soho House

The treatments

Bespoke Facial 
Using a personalised edit of Cowshed and SkinCeuticals products, carefully chosen by your therapist, this tailored treatment will target your skin’s specific needs – all in your quest to enhance a healthy glow. For Soho House New York members, make Angelina Kanabrocki or Elena Capo your chosen therapist for this treatment; they’ve been with Cowshed for 19 and 20 years respectively. 
Available in our Cowshed spas around the world.

Soho Skin Facials
To amplify your summertime radiance using Soho Skin’s core range of skincare essentials, the 60-minute Soho Skin Advanced Facial uses high-frequency technology, heat and microdermabrasion to improve overall skin health with illuminating results. If you’re short on time, try the 30-minute Soho Skin Mini Glow Facial instead. This express treatment delivers radiance in less time than your lunch hour. 
Available at: Shoreditch House, Soho Farmhouse, Babington House, Soho House Barcelona, Soho House Berlin, Soho House Amsterdam, and Soho House Rome.

OTO CBD Firming & Lifting Facial
Designed to rejuvenate tired skin, this treatment combines OTO’s CBD essential oils with traditional holistic therapies to deliver a glow from the inside out. It begins with a recentering sound therapy, as well as the placement of cleansing rose quartz. A bamboo massage then sculpts and tightens the facial muscles, before a lifting geothermal treatment re-energises and re-plumps skin. That’s radiance in just 60 minutes.
Available at: Shoreditch House, Soho Farmhouse, Babington House, and Cowshed Primrose Hill.

The Light Salon: The Brightening Collagen Boost
With advanced LED technology, this treatment – part of a new arrival to our spas, The Light Salon – renews skin at a cellular level for long-term radiance. Couple this with a hydrogel mask for instant luminosity and facial massage to define and lift the complexion, and this 30-minute facial does exactly what it says on the tin: increased brightness and boosted collagen levels.
Available at: Cowshed Primrose Hill and Shoreditch House.

A mainstay at Soho House Chicago’s spa for some time, and rolling out across our other US spas this autumn, Hydrafacial promises high-impact results from some seriously high-tech gear. Expect cleansing, exfoliation and extraction, plus hydradermabrasion, LED light therapy and massage, all to help reduce fine lines, clear pores and boost radiance.
Available at: Soho House Chicago. 

Ultimate Sculpting Glow by Rhian Truman
Sometimes, a traditional facial isn’t quite enough to deliver the glow you’re looking for. Enter: Rhian Truman, who specialises in facial massage – using unique sculpting movements to stimulate lymphatic drainage, boost radiance and plump up skin – while toning and tightening facial muscles. As part of a special residency at Soho Farmhouse, Truman will be using Soho Skin’s all-new Face Oil to deliver the Ultimate Sculpting Glow treatment, with guests taking home a complimentary full-size Soho Skin Facial Oil afterwards. 
Available at: Soho Farmhouse.

Facial Reflexology with Annaluisa Corvaglia
Available every Thursday at Soho House Rome, Annaluisa Corvaglia’s Facial Reflexology residency reimagines skin sculpting to maximise radiance and improve skin health. Using manual massage combined with targeted reflexology techniques, this facial promotes blood flow and tissue oxygenation – all of which is essential for achieving that glow. 
Available at: Soho House Rome.

How to enhance your summer glow at our spas | Soho House

The products

Soho Skin Face Oil
Launching on Tuesday 22 August for members to buy, Soho Skin’s all-new Face Oil promises balanced skin with a healthy glow. With non-comedogenic squalane oil at the heart of its formula (meaning it won’t clog pores), this lightweight oil locks in hydration, helps to maintain the skin barrier and reduces water loss – without leaving skin feeling greasy.

Soho Skin 24/7 Treatment 
The 24/7 Treatment can be used as a 10-minute rinse-off mask for immediate results, or as a more intense overnight treatment. Either way, the radiance-boosting formula uses exfoliating lactic acid and plumping hyaluronic acid to gently exfoliate, deeply hydrate and noticeably brighten skin.
24/7 Treatment, Soho Skin

Soho Skin Renewal Serum
A nourishing addition to your morning and evening routines, the Renewal Serum is rich in antioxidants to protect and strengthen. Apply before your moisturiser to support skin barrier health, while also stimulating its natural renewal and hydration processes. The result? A brighter, healthier and more even complexion.
Renewal Serum, Soho Skin

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How to enhance your summer glow at our spas | Soho House