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Supporting Black-owned businesses in partnership with Black Pound Day

This February, we’re excited to announce our year-long initiative with Black Pound Day – a movement that was created to help the UK’s Black economy grow

Make It Work: A force for good on Instagram

Istanbul members Bartu Küçükçağlayan and Melikşah Altuntaş on how they started Mücbir Sebepler (Force Major), an Instagram series to bring levity to lockdown

Make It Work: The Grounds

Hong Kong member Simon Wilson on creating a ‘COVID-responsible’ event venue to celebrate in safety

Introducing the member-run platform making art investment inclusive

Amsterdam-based Mimi Gray and Sarah Williams discuss founding Darklight, an online platform selling small-edition fine-art prints

Pass The Mic x Soho House: Young creatives to know

Pass The Mic founder Reggie Yates turns the spotlight on 8 exciting young creatives

How I Launched: Core Collective

Inspired by New York’s glossy gym scene, member Jason de Savary details how he and business partner Héloïse Nangle created the fitness brand Core Collective

Are you registered to vote?

LA member Mandana Dayani talks launching I am a voter – a viral campaign designed to compel all US citizens to vote in the upcoming presidential election

Vote From Abroad’s Bruce and Vicki Heyman on how every vote really does count

Americans across the globe are being asked by initiatives such as member-run Vote From Abroad to do one specific thing for their fellow citizens: vote

Soho House passes the mic

In celebration of UK Black History Month, we’re partnering with Reggie Yates’ Pass The Mic initiative to provide a platform for emerging Black creatives