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How I Got Here: Mika Simmons on her journey from acting to activism

We meet the actor, filmmaker and host of ‘The Happy Vagina’ podcast, who has made it her mission to empower women to understand more about their health

Black History Month through the lens of our Soho House fellows

To mark the start of the special month, our creative community of fellows showcase their work and explain what it really means to them in 2023

Meet the members of Soho House Bangkok

Four trailblazers from the Thai creative scene explain why they’re excited about the upcoming opening

‘So, Life Wants You Dead’ by Nora Logan: Episode seven

This week’s final episode of the Soho Chance winner’s disability podcast features Ronaé Fagon, cofounder of the sustainable e-commerce platform, SlowCo

Meet the members: Miami edition

With our second House opening there soon, we get to know the creatives who make our spaces their home

Why our Hard Hat Dinner is a well-kept Soho House tradition

Conceived as a get-together for Founder members before a House officially opens, it’s remained a celebration of creative communities all over the world

Indian filmmaker Ajitpal Singh’s self-taught journey to success

The award-winning director and Soho House member is now the BAFTA breakthrough artist of the year, despite never going to film school

Nora Logan on disability, creativity and being human

In her new podcast ‘So, Life Wants You Dead’, the Soho Chance winner celebrates the community of disabled creatives and opens up about her own journey

Why we need to open up the conversation around disability

This UK Disability History Month, Soho House Inclusivity Board Member, Lucy Daramola, opens up about living with lupus and the societal changes we need to make

Introducing our Soho House Stockholm Committee members

Meet the Swedish creatives helping us grow a new community at our second Scandinavian House

Soho House went to COP27. Here’s what we learnt

Jamila Brown, our Head of House Foundations, reports from the world’s biggest climate action conference

Meet the side hustlers redefining the nine-to-five

To celebrate the launch of Soho Works’ off-peak membership in the UK, five members tell us how they tapped into this new golden age of entrepreneurialism

How Danny Winer created the hardest working cookware

The founder and CEO of HexClad recalls how he founded his company, and why it’s attracting home cooks and professional chefs alike

Emmanuel Eribo is on a mission to save the world

Meet the businessman and founder who’s disrupting the fashion system and saving the planet…

Five Soho House creators who are quietly giving back

We meet a handful of global members whose support in their communities serves as inspiration to us all

UK Black History Month: What does Black Joy mean to you?

To mark the celebration, members of the Soho House team describe what this year’s theme signifies for them

How to weather the financial crisis if you own a small business

Times are tough, so here’s our step-by-step guide to beating the fiscal storm

What does National Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

Soho House staff members across North America reflect on its significance this year and how they celebrate

Five tips for a better working day at Soho Works

Members share their best-kept secrets to getting things done and why it’s a work base like no other

How I Got Here: Rosemary Reed on getting to the top in TV

The founder of female-led production company POW TV shares her advice for aspiring women directors and producers

Inside Soho Works: Designing the perfect workspace

Soho House’s design team explains the value of a dedicated work area and the elements that make it work well

Soho House Mentorship: Where are our mentees now?

As the programme celebrates four years of opening doors for a new generation of creatives, our global mentees reflect on their journey so far…

Everything you need to know about Soho Works

Discover our coworking spaces in London, New York and LA

Chocolate maker, textile designer, chef… five Soho Chance winners tell us how far they’ve come

Our creative access programme is heading to New York. As applications open, last year’s mentees share their journeys so far

Proof it’s possible to be a success if exams aren’t your thing

It’s A-level results day in the UK, but a bad set of grades needn’t determine the future

Why the quiet quitting phenomenon could be worth your attention

Across the world, people are slacking off sotto voce, and it’s changing how we work in a relatively seismic way, says Samuel Muston

Support The Jamal Edwards Self Belief Trust fundraiser

All proceeds go to empowering the next generation – with some great prizes to be won

Join the Soho House Inclusivity Board

Open to members and non-members, the board helps us to build a welcoming and inclusive future across our Houses around the world

Roe v. Wade is overturned: What next?

Renee Bracey Sherman, award-winning reproductive justice activist, shares a proactive guide on how to mobilise alongside your community

What does Pride mean to you?

Soho House staff members across North America reflect on the significance of Pride this year and how they feel seen in their communities