An insider’s guide to the world of Soho Works

An insider’s guide to the world of Soho Works | Soho House

With newly designed private offices at 180 Strand and Dean Street in London, there’s never been a better time to visit our global co-working spaces

Monday 9 October 2023 By Soho House

At Soho Works, we’re bringing a more considered approach to work. In each of our thoughtfully designed spaces, we’ve considered what drives success today: flexibility, community and a strong sense of collaboration. Plus, a steady supply of coffee, of course.

To amplify that sense of collaboration even more, Soho Works membership is now open to all (regardless of whether you’re a Soho House member or Soho Friend). In doing this, we’re growing the Soho Works community to include an even greater, more exciting and diverse network of creatives for members to meet and exchange ideas with. 

With a Soho Works membership, you can enjoy the ‘home away from home’ feeling of our Houses, along with all the tools, technology and equipment to do your best work. Here’s everything you need to know.

An insider’s guide to the world of Soho Works | Soho House
An insider’s guide to the world of Soho Works | Soho House
An insider’s guide to the world of Soho Works | Soho House

The global locations
Over the past few years, we’ve grown our offering to eight Soho Works sites worldwide – and membership secures you access to all of them.

There are three locations in New York: 10 Jay and 55 Water in DUMBO, Brooklyn, and 875 Washington in the Meatpacking District in Manhattan. There’s also 9000 Sunset in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and our four London spaces, too: 180 The Strand, Dean Street, Shoreditch, and White City. Much like our Houses, each outpost shares a consistent style, ethos and offering, while still embracing the unique character of its location. 

‘Soho Works Shoreditch has been a massive part of my company’s success, providing me with both excellent networking opportunities and an amazing office space for my team and clients to spend time in and collaborate’ 
Alex Wilde, managing director, status and office member at Soho Works Shoreditch

Private office spaces
We have private office spaces available for hire across all of our Soho Works locations in London, New York and Los Angeles. 

They can be designed to suit each individual team’s requirements, are flexible in size, and are able to accommodate between two and 45 people. And guess what? You don’t need to be a Soho House member to base your business in a Soho Works office – everyone is welcome to apply.

We recently expanded our private office space at Soho Works Dean Street, adding two new floors that are available for hire. The first-floor space is suited for smaller sized teams, while the fourth-floor expansion includes a 32-desk private office – much like our private office space at 180 Strand, which is also currently available for hire. 

The members 
Like-minded creatives from all walks of life and at all stages of their careers come together in our hubs every day. From freelancers seeking a community to bounce ideas off and share contacts with, to entrepreneurs looking for a stylish space to bring together their growing teams, Soho Works encourages collaboration, networking and those all-important ‘lightbulb’ moments. 

‘I love the energy created by members who have a collective goal to hustle and succeed together,’ says Rachel Sutton, Head of Soho Works UK. ‘It could be as small as an introduction by the coffee machine, or a development recommendation while waiting for the toaster to pop. Those moments may seem inconsequential, but they can be game changing. Even creatives need tax advice, after all.’

‘My fellow members are what makes Soho Works so amazing. There are so many interesting and dynamic people to meet. It’s inspiring to be around those who are also building something – I always come away feeling refreshed and full of energy’
Gaby Cove, life coach and Lounge member at Soho Works 180 The Strand

The benefits
There are plenty of added benefits to help maximise your membership:

  • A carefully curated programme of member events, from knowledge-sharing evenings to networking drinks
  • Access to private phone booths and meeting rooms equipped with 55in to 98in screens, plus private event spaces available on request
  • Amenities such as printing services and courier services built into your membership
  • Fully equipped kitchens, with free breakfast every morning and complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits all day
  • Complimentary lunches on the last Friday of every month, plus a drinks trolley on Thursdays
  • Access to the Soho Works app to share collaboration opportunities with fellow members around the world


An insider’s guide to the world of Soho Works | Soho House
An insider’s guide to the world of Soho Works | Soho House
An insider’s guide to the world of Soho Works | Soho House

‘The events, talks and member benefits are such a great addition to the membership. The team is always striving to make Soho Works the best place to be; they really value the members’
Hayley Walsh, PR agency founder and Lounge member at Soho Works White City

The flexible membership options
Soho Works offers three membership types, starting from £200/ $400. That’s the equivalent of as little as £7/ $18 – or two coffees – a day.

Hot-desk membership that offers adaptable working and complete flexibility within beautifully designed communal spaces.

Office space
Your own workspace to suit your style of working – choose from a single desk or a team-friendly office. This membership includes lockable storage and meeting room credits.

After hours (London only)
Make the most of Soho Works Lounge access from 5pm, Monday to Friday, and throughout the weekend, with all the benefits of a standard Soho Works membership. Receive reduced rates on evening events and meeting rooms after 7pm.

Find out more about Soho Works membership.