Introducing our Soho House Stockholm Committee members

Meet our Soho House Stockholm Committee Members | Soho House

Meet the Swedish creatives helping us grow a new community at our second Scandinavian House

Tuesday 15 November 2022   By Soho House

As the official opening of Soho House Stockholm gets closer, we’ve been growing our community of creatives in the city. Last week, we hosted the first of our trademark Hard Hat dinners in the Swedish capital, inviting Founder members and Committee members for a preview of the space, as well as a chance to connect. 

The House, which is located in a former church on Majorsgatan in central Stockholm, will open to members on Saturday 10 December with a launch party to mark its arrival. Ahead of the event, allow us to introduce some of our key Committee members, all of whom are established local creatives who will act as a consistent voice for our members at Soho House Stockholm.

Meet our Committee members 

Meet our Soho House Stockholm Committee Members | Soho House
Meet our Soho House Stockholm Committee Members | Soho House

Sania Claus Demina

Founder and shoe designer at

Sania Claus Demina is the founder of her eponymous shoe brand, which won the Accessories Designer of the Year Award at the 2022 ELLE Gala. ‘I’m so excited that Soho House is coming to Stockholm. It’s my home and my favourite city,’ she says. ‘Community is everything, especially in the creative field where exchanging ideas, thoughts and connecting with interesting souls always meant so much to me.

‘Stockholm is a city full of unique brilliant creative minds that inspire me every day. Also, the beauty of the city itself, not to mention the archipelago is just breathtaking. I’m looking forward to Soho House being a place where I can enjoy a good atmosphere, good food at Cecconi’s with friends and having Oddbird drinks in the bar. You’ll definitely also find me on the dance floor at any event, always in very comfortable heels.’ 

Meet our Soho House Stockholm Committee Members | Soho House

Ash Pournouri

Music producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist 

A two-time Grammy-nominated producer, Ash Pournouri began his career by managing the late superstar DJ, Avicii, before becoming an EDM pioneer of his own. Pournouri has also creatively crafted artist-first partnerships with clients such as Ralph Lauren, Coca-Cola, IKEA and H&M, and co-founded a social media management company building and representing some of the world’s biggest media profiles. 

Since he started his career, he has donated the majority of his personal income to various charities fighting world hunger. In June 2014, Pournouri expanded into the conference world with Spotify founder Daniel Ek, creating the two-day creative thought-leadership summit Brilliant Minds, a platform to showcase Sweden, Swedish people and Swedish values to the world.

‘I’ve been a member ever since I first discovered Soho House as a guest and fell in love with the concept immediately. The vibe is slightly different in every city, but so attractive. High-level service, a great mix of people and a feeling of always being welcome makes my intense travelling that much easier. It’s an invaluable feeling to have a sort of home away from home in so many cities.’ 

Meet our Soho House Stockholm Committee Members | Soho House
Meet our Soho House Stockholm Committee Members | Soho House

Edvin Törnblom

Author, TV presenter and podcast host 

Edvin Törnblom is the author of Bögen är lös – a book about living as a queer person in today’s society. He also hosts national TV shows and the Swedish podcast Ursäkta alongside comedian Johanna Nordström. ‘I’m excited for Soho House to be in Stockholm; it’s fun to be a part of the cool kids’ club. I also can’t wait to enjoy everything the House has to offer, especially the other members. 

‘You’ll find me enjoying an amazing lunch in the restaurant together with some friends, before finding a nice spot to sit and do some “work”. When the clock strikes five, I’ll meet up with my friends again and have some drinks.’

Meet our Soho House Stockholm Committee Members | Soho House

Amanda Winberg

Singer-songwriter and creative

Amanda Winberg releases music under the artist name ‘AMWIN’ and has for the past years focused on creating her own universe, where she hopes that her own creative journey might spark a new sense of freedom in others. ‘I have become a member of Soho House as I find it super exciting to have a new hub and meeting spot for creatives. I’ve visited Soho House many times abroad, and I’ve always loved the atmosphere and environment in the different Houses. Now that we finally have our own House in our city, I’m excited to be a part of it. I feel it’s an opportunity for different sides of the creative industry and for creative souls to get together. 

‘I can’t wait to have nice dinners and drinks in the House, but the main thing for me is always meeting new people. I look forward to having discussions and a great time. I’ll also be dancing when a DJ is playing, as I always do.’ 

Interested in becoming a member?