Meet the members of Soho House Mexico City

Meet the Members of Soho House Mexico City | Soho House

Get to know some of the new faces who will form the fabric of our first House in Latin America

Tuesday 18 July 2023 By Soho House  Illustration by Kat Hassan

The opening of Soho House Mexico City is just around the corner. And, while the greenhouse-style pool bar and art collection by Mexico-born and based artists is enough to pique everyone’s  interest, it’s our new community of members who will make this House truly unique. 

Based in the centre of Colonia Juárez, the new hub for creatives will be rooted in architecture, music, film, and more. Here, we meet a few of our first members in the city, who share why they are so excited to be part of our global community. 

Meet the Members of Soho House Mexico City | Soho House
Meet the Members of Soho House Mexico City | Soho House

Sofia Elias
Architect, artist and founder of jewellery brand Blobb

‘Having a community is incredibly important as an artist. It provides a sense of belonging, support and inspiration.

'Community is a big focus for my projects; it’s what I’m always looking for. In the playgrounds I designed, most of the structures work like a “see-saw” – that way you depend on someone else for it to work. Hence, you’re forming bonds and community. I’m constantly looking to expand my own.

‘Mexico City holds a special place in the hearts of many. It’s full of diverse influences, blending civilisations, colonial architecture, and modernity. The rich cultural traditions, food and colourful craftsmanship set it apart. Each town has its own craft, and since I was very little I’ve been visiting these magical settlements and learning about their traditions.

I’m so happy that the House will be near my home and studio. And being the freak of architecture that I am, the Porfirian architecture of the building and the fact that Soho House is reviving it makes me happy.’

Meet the Members of Soho House Mexico City | Soho House

Ana Jimena Ramírez
CEO of wellness company Sersana

‘Community is one of the five pillars of living well that helps us create a healthy and happy life, along with exercise, sleep, meditation, and good nutrition. Being part of an uplifting, creative community helps me grow, and keeps me building and sharing my passion. 

‘Our city has become one of the most exciting cities in the world in every creative scene: art, food, music, design, fashion, etc. So, having a place that unites, connects and helps build networks around these communities is vital.

‘The most important part of celebrating Mexican/ Latin creativity is expanding it to the world, merging it into powerful collaborations and growing the influence of Latin sapor on the global creative scene.’

Meet the Members of Soho House Mexico City | Soho House
Meet the Members of Soho House Mexico City | Soho House

Mariangeles Reygadas
Creative consultant

‘I think Mexico City has long been ready for an institution like Soho House, but the opening in 2023 is so on point. The city has been changing dramatically on the creative front over the past few years. We are experiencing so many emerging and appealing projects surging in different disciplines. To have a respected international name such as Soho House in Mexico City is the cherry on top.

‘I’m excited about having a common place where people who I admire will come together in celebration of creativity. Some are long-time friends, but others I am eager to meet and explore new ways of working, creating and collaborating with. It’s such a unique opportunity to have so many passionate people under one roof. The House hasn’t even opened yet and I’m very excited for the type of events and collaborations that are on the agenda.

‘I’m a morning person, so naturally what excites me the most is the thought of starting my day at the gym and sauna in the House, followed by a work appointment over a delicious breakfast.’

Meet the Members of Soho House Mexico City | Soho House
Meet the Members of Soho House Mexico City | Soho House

Adan Jodorowsky
Artist, music producer, actor, and psychotherapist

‘The world was created as a community. Creativity is about humans being inspired and collaborating with the entire world.

‘We needed a place like Soho House in Mexico City. It’s an open door to many encounters; I’ll be using it to host screenings, meetings, conferences, and maybe some private shows.

‘I can’t wait to get to know and collaborate with fellow members. I write scripts for artists, so I’d like to team up with a painter or anyone involved in movie production. I have a script that I’ve been working on and I’m ready to shoot. 

‘The thing I’m most looking forward to… I’d love to say to get drunk, but I don’t drink.’

Meet the Members of Soho House Mexico City | Soho House
Meet the Members of Soho House Mexico City | Soho House

Nicolás Celis
Film producer and founder of Pimienta Films

‘Community means everything to me. I can’t do films by myself; I need an army of collaborators and that’s beautiful. All of my films are always co-produced locally and internationally. Being connected with friends and colleagues around the world expands my understanding of life, and then I can bring those flavours into my films.

‘I thought it would be awesome to have a Soho House in Mexico City
since the industry is growing so much and there is a lot happening. Mexico City has become very relevant for the film and content industry. I mean, it always has been, but after the pandemic it exploded. Now it’s the place to be. We needed somewhere to connect with the whole entertainment industry, relax and have fun, but also focus on our job and expand it. 

‘In such a vibrant city and with the industry booming, the arrival of Soho House will be huge.

‘It’s a time for Mexican/ Latin creativity. Our tastes in music, film, literature, food, mezcal, culture, and some more elements… are (and have been) exploding worldwide.

‘If you spend one day in Mexico City, you’ll definitely have a memorable experience; you won’t have a day where nothing happens. There’s something in this place that gives you adrenaline, inspires you, welcomes you and kicks you in the butt. And you’re reminded every single day that you’re alive, it’s great.’

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