Meet the members: Miami edition

Meet the members: Miami edition | Soho House

With our second House opening there soon, we get to know the creatives who make our spaces their home

Friday 20 January 2023   By Soho House

Soho Beach House Miami first opened its doors in 2010. More than a decade later, Miami Pool House will soon welcome creatives to our new location between Wynwood and Edgewater – reminding us that no matter how obsessed we are with the views from Ocean Rooms, there’s always more to discover about the city. Miami’s creative scene thrives at the intersection of different cultures and disciplines, and is truly diverse, inclusive and celebratory. And did we mention the parties, the music and the art scene? We can’t wait to see how our community of members will grow and change with the city. 

In anticipation of Miami Pool House opening, we asked four of our Miami members what Soho House means to them, their community and the city’s creative spirit.

Meet the members: Miami edition | Soho House

Steven Sanz: ‘Catch me on the beach’

Music producer and cofounder of Lower East Coast store

‘Growing up in Miami, I’ve always felt privileged to be surrounded by so many different cultures. Meeting people from different backgrounds and experiences gives the city a special energy that you just don’t find anywhere else. Nothing matters unless there’s a community behind it. It’s what keeps us connected daily and drives us forward. We show up every day regardless of the moment.

‘I joined Soho House to connect with like-minded people in Miami and beyond. I truly enjoy the event curation and programming. I use the House to chill, relax and meet with friends. If I can get a beach chair, catch me on the beach.’ 

Meet the members: Miami edition | Soho House

Marina Nedić: ‘The energy levels are high, but people are always at ease’

Multi-disciplinary artist with a focus on home decor and furniture 

‘Miami has the reputation of being a party city – and while that is wildly true, there is so much charm among the chaos. The energy levels are high, but the people are always at ease (unless you’re stuck in traffic).

‘I joined Soho House to have a sense of belonging in a world that is becoming more and more disengaged, and it’s not something I take for granted. Community has always acted as a reminder that I am not alone, offered me a different perspective or helped me to see the bigger picture – not to mention provided a safe landing when needed.

‘Soho House is like a little home away from home, even in my own city. All of the Houses have a sense of familiarity to them. It’s a space that no matter where I am, I know I can find a like-minded community at my local House. You’ll find me all over the building; I’m either chilling by the pool or tapping away on my computer in the Library. Am I in the dining room or at the bar? I could be in the gym or sauna... I definitely put my membership to use.’  

Meet the members: Miami edition | Soho House

Walshy Fire: ‘Soho Beach House has amazing programming’

DJ and music producer

‘Community and connecting to people are what I do for a living, but it’s also what brings me joy. I’ve been to 164 countries and love to tell people what I love about where they are from. And that allows me to bridge everyone and form a community.  

‘Miami is a multi-cultural city, like many others, but it’s a city of all the cultures you want to be around. Currently, I’m working on an all-Brazilian music album called Walshihno and then a Miami Bass project. Time to bring that energy back. Major Lazer will also drop an Afrobeat project this year.  

‘I joined Soho House through word of mouth via friends in London, then New York, and then Miami. You’ll usually see me at one of the events; Soho Beach House has amazing programming. The talks, the interviews, the showcases, the classes. That’s where I am.’ 

Meet the members: Miami edition | Soho House

Luiza Solano: ‘I use the House primarily as a meeting space and social hub’

Miami native and multi-hyphenate who dabbles in interior design, hospitality management, music curation, and modeling 

‘The most special thing about Miami is its flavours. It’s a whole different world down here and I think Miamians have figured out the work-life balance. This city is also very musical, and that energy is felt throughout the city.  

‘I joined Soho Beach House Miami for a tropical workspace and also to enjoy some of the local programming. And I chose Every House membership for go-to hangout spots and to connect with other creatives when traveling. I use the House primarily as a meeting space and social hub. What’s it all for if we don’t enjoy it and share it with each other? You’re also likely to see me on the beach and at the spa.’ 

Meet the members: Miami edition | Soho House

Miami Pool House is opening soon; apply for membership here

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