Meet the members of Soho House Bangkok

Meet the members of Soho House Bangkok | Soho House

Four trailblazers from the Thai creative scene explain why they’re excited about the upcoming opening

Monday 30 January 2023   By Soho House

The opening of Soho House Bangkok is drawing closer, and as excited as we are about its bespoke design, Pool Garden and club spaces, it’s the local creative community that truly makes each House. Last year, we hosted one of our signature preview dinners, and delved deep into the city’s booming art scene – this year, it’s time to get to know some of our Bangkok members who will soon make the club their home away from home. 

Meet the members of Soho House Bangkok | Soho House

Mook Attakanwong

Creative director and founder of ATT 19 gallery 

‘For me, building a strong community of creatives and art appreciators within my gallery has been the most rewarding part of my business. My work there would be meaningless without an audience and community, as they are the driving forces that keep me inspired, challenged and alert. In our work, we are not afraid to be vulnerable and authentic, and in response our community supports all of our endeavours with kindness, understanding and love.

‘My job as a gallerist and curator is all about connecting the dots and finding new talents. Bangkok is full of amazing and hugely innovative people, and I am looking forward to Soho House being the best place to make connections with these younger creators. I’m excited to collaborate with them on exhibitions and projects. 

‘Also, of course, I can’t wait for the (many) Picantes.’

Meet the members of Soho House Bangkok | Soho House

O Thongthai

Jewellery designer  

‘I am a jewellery designer and I’m currently working on a new collection, in addition to a series of photographs and videos. All my current projects are united under the banner concept of “Gold of Thailand”. In London, I normally hit the gym at Shoreditch House on Sunday morning, followed by a sauna and a Sunday roast. In Soho House Bangkok, you will probably see me on Sunday afternoon with my laptop and a Bloody Mary. At the core of the community are people’s similar interests and values, which brings them together.’

Meet the members of Soho House Bangkok | Soho House

Paulie Sirisant

DJ and music executive

‘Community is an integral part of building any culture, but I’ve found that driving a significant shift does not always take a village. It takes a small group of people who are deeply passionate about a shared subject, which they want to – in turn – share with the world. 

‘I’ve lived through the Thai pop-culture renaissance of the 1990s, where fashion, film, skating, indie rock, techno and hip-hop all collided in a beautiful way that paved the way for decades to come. My experiences during that decade have formed the perspectives I bring into my work and career. It’s been my purpose to find ways to help shape community and culture.

‘Right now, I’m working on several different projects, all of which are focused on elevating people from Thai creative communities. I’ve recently started a new company (Vibal Corporations) after leaving my CEO role at Universal Music Thailand. We are building production facilities focusing on cutting-edge technology in film and animation, and I’m working on some exciting music projects that I can’t say much about just yet. I’m also DJing. I’ve been asking myself if it’s time to stop this “hobby” of mine, but for me it’s like having a window into new trends, and it always teaches me to be open-minded about new cultures. 

‘I’m excited to help curate the array of new artists who will showcase their work at Soho House Bangkok. I would like to see the House become a melting pot of different Thai creative communities, as the more that we cross-pollinate with each other, the better the future of our industries will be.’ 

Meet the members of Soho House Bangkok | Soho House

Dana Slosar

Model and actor

‘I’m always grateful to Soho House for bringing people together and giving me a sense of community wherever I go, which is something I shall never take for granted after the isolation of the pandemic. I was the winner of Asia’s Next Top Model season six, which led to being a Supermodel Me task master on Netflix. You can also catch me on the Disney+ Hotstar limited series Extraordinary Siamese Story: Eng And Chang – a role I ended up being nominated for at the Asian TV Awards, which was very exciting. 

‘My love of good butter has recently inspired me to start my own butter brand – stay tuned. I’m also learning performance driving and drifting. I haven’t reached Hollywood stunt driver status just yet, but I’m having the best time. I am looking forward to Soho House Bangkok opening so that I can attend as many events as possible. My work keeps me fairly nomadic, and it’s always comforting to know that wherever I go I can head to Soho House for delicious food, great events, and to find a cosy corner in which to curl up with a good book.’

Soho House Bangkok is opening soon; apply for membership here.