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Introducing our 1970s-inspired food at 180 House

We have introduced distinct new dishes to the menus of each of our UK Houses. At 180 House, we are taking cues from 1970s classics

Soul food: dishing up the past with chef Liam Barker

The Caribbean chef talks to us about serving dishes from his youth and the inspiration behind his menu

Flavours of the Caribbean with chef Tavel Bristol-Joseph

The Soho House Austin member shares the worldly influences that brought his restaurant concept, Canje, to life

Introducing our new Asian-inspired dishes at White City House

This month, we’re launching local House sections across our UK menus, with each House assigned its own theme.

Home Grown: How to make Cacio e Pepe with master pasta chef Mateo Zielonka

For the next instalment of our Home Grown series, the 180 Studios head chef shares his recipe for the classic pasta dish

Home Grown: How to make The Walk Around Money with Fox Bar founders Ronnie Higgins and Rob Guevara

For the second episode of our Homegrown Series, Fox Bar Chicago’s founders show us how to make their favourite mezcal-based drink: The Walk Around Money

How to make a classic Margarita cocktail with Patrón

This Patrón-based drink is guaranteed to get any soiree started. But what’s the ultimate recipe for this citrusy classic?

How to make a Patrón Paloma cocktail

Refreshing, vibrant and easy to prepare, it’s the perfect way to toast the end of summer

How to make a St-Germain L’Exotique, the perfect drink for Pride weekend

The parade in London might be cancelled, but you can still raise a glass to Pride (and all it stands for) with this colourful cocktail

Home Grown: How to make vegan pasta dough with 180 Studios head chef Mateo Zielonka

For the second episode of our new series, Mateo Zielonka shows us how to make vegan pasta using semolina

Home Grown: The art of making pasta with Mateo Zielonka

For the first episode of our new series, the 180 Studios head chef shows us how to make an Italian classic

That's the spirit: Patrón’s Summer of Love party

As lockdown lifted in the UK, our London members enjoyed a night of freedom at Shoreditch House on International Tequila Day

Silent Addy on the DNA of King Patty’s

We talk to the Miami-based DJ, producer and cofounder of King Patty’s about how he plans to take Jamaican culture to new places

Our favourite Fourth of July cocktails

Add the Firecracker, Blue Sparkler and American Pie-Apple Spritz to your celebrations

For the love of food: chef Jonny Rhodes gives back

Chef Jonny Rhodes on giving back to communities in need through food

The art of hosting with Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

The West Hollywood members share their tips for throwing a post-pandemic bash

Juggling motherhood with being a master female distiller

In celebration of Mother’s Day (US), we spoke to Amass Botanics founder Morgan McLachlan about how becoming a mum has changed the way she runs her business

Earth Day: A more sustainable brew with Grind Coffee

On Earth Day, we discuss what makes a more sustainable morning brew

Plant-based drinks and cold-pressed juices with Press Healthfoods

In celebration of World Health Day, we spoke to the cofounder of plant-based juice company Press Healthfoods

Peggy Chan brings plant-based fine dining to Hong Kong

The Soho House Hong Kong member and chef-restaurateur on how meat-free cuisine can enter the big leagues, ahead of her 25 November dinner

Cooking in Marfa, where culture is the integral ingredient

Internationally heralded as the mecca of minimalism, the Texan town of 1,800 residents is home to a couple’s culinary experiments

A sustainable future for the drinks industry

Meet Annabel Thomas, the pioneering distiller and member who’s championing renewed energy, organic produce, and rigorous recycling at Nc’nean

A taste of Istanbul

Food writer Cemre Torun shares what inspired her to collect recipes from more than 100 of the city’s most beloved restaurants

Amass Master Distiller on bottling nature

Morgan McLachlan, the Master Distiller and Chief Product Officer of botanical brand Amass, discusses breaking into the boys’ club of distilling

Hungry for something new

Bloody, meatless burgers grown in a lab and 3D-printed dinners may be the future of food thanks to advancements in technology

Vivek Surti on sharing his cultural heritage through food

The Nashville member and chef behind Tailor Nashville, shares how his restaurant blends a dining party experience with an exploration of cultural cuisine