This season’s must-try dishes at Soho House Bangkok

The must-try dishes at Soho House Bangkok | Soho House

Whether you’re a local member or just dropping in, be sure to add these dishes – hand selected by Executive Chef, Kesinee Damrongsakul – to your next order

Wednesday 22 November 2023   By Soho House Photography by Jason Lang

There’s never a dull food moment at Soho House Bangkok. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely breakfast in the garden or a quick snack in the lounge, with two menus to order from there’s a dish to satisfy just about every craving. 

The first is an all-day offering with a mixture of Asian and Western favourites, from Tom Yum Prawn Soup to Penne Alla Vodka; the second is the Baan Soho menu (Baan meaning House), which features exclusively Thai dishes. 
Like all of our global menus, those at Soho House Bangkok change with the seasons, with locally sourced produce front and centre. Executive Chef Kesinee Damrongsakul’s current menu includes curries and stir-fries, along with Thai classics such as Pad Thai – rounded off with seasonal desserts and cocktails. 
We asked Damrongsakul for his top menu picks for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the House right now. Add a signature cocktail, and you’re all set for a full day – and night – of feasting at Soho House Bangkok.

What to order for breakfast
Moo Ping (pork skewers with sticky rice)
A Thai favourite that’s often enjoyed as a grab-and-go bite, the skewers are marinated in a sweet garlic, cilantro root and peppercorn sauce, and accompanied by sticky rice.
‘This is a very typical local breakfast dish that’s often served at street-food markets,’ says Damrongsakul. ‘I just had to bring it to the House for our members to try.’

The must-try dishes at Soho House Bangkok | Soho House
The must-try dishes at Soho House Bangkok | Soho House

What to order for lunch
Pad Thai

A careful balance of sweet, savoury and sour flavours (achieved using tamarind paste, fish sauce and dried shrimp, among other ingredients) wrapped in tasty noodles – no wonder this Thai staple has spread in popularity across the globe.
‘Pad Thai is the ultimate comfort food and something people love to see on a menu,’ says Damrongsakul. ‘We’ve added a Soho House twist to our take, by serving it with grilled river prawns.’
What to order for dinner
Moo Krob Pad Krapow
(crispy pork belly with fried duck egg)
This is one of the most sought-after options on the Baan Soho menu. The pork belly is baked for hours before being shallow-fried in a chilli and oyster sauce, then finished with basil leaves.

‘There are some dishes we always keep on the menu because they’re just so popular with members, and the crispy pork belly is one of them,’ says Damrongsakul. ‘It's indulgent and delicious – our members would never forgive us if we removed it.’

The must-try dishes at Soho House Bangkok | Soho House
The must-try dishes at Soho House Bangkok | Soho House

And to drink?
Pandan Colada

This refreshing rum-based cocktail is a new twist on that old classic – the beloved Piña Colada – and takes its inspiration from a Thai dessert called Kanom Khrok (Thai pancakes made with coconut milk). Featuring a blend of condensed coconut milk and coconut water, we serve it tall over crushed ice, and top it off with a fresh pandan leaf. 
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