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Pride Voices: Finding my power at the intersection of transness and disability

Yaz Metcalfe discusses the true meaning of inclusivity for someone who is used to being othered – and why it’s vital to support disabled and queer creatives

The compelling new Princess Diana documentary everyone’s talking about

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Sea change: Breaking the barrier of the surfer boys’ club

Wave rider, stylist and author, Lara Einzig, waxes lyrical about her trailblazing book ‘Women Making Waves’

Opinion: Crazy, sexy, dud? Should Dakota Johnson be surprised ‘Fifty Shades’ turned out the way it did?

As the Hollywood star shares her dislike for the movie’s end result, not having full autonomy comes with the territory, says Hanna Flint

Pride Voices: Why do so many misconceptions about bisexuality still exist?

Writer and curator, Anastasiia Fedorova, reflects on blending in, coming out, and navigating the queer spaces in between

Simon Pegg on Soho Farmhouse: ‘It’s like going into Wonderland’

The star of ‘Spaced’ and ‘Star Trek’ talks creativity, cyberhacking, and The Cornetto Trilogy

‘About Us’: Three stories of Pride and belonging from Felton Edward Kizer

In his new zine, the entrepreneur reflects on his own experience of growing up Black and queer, and shares excerpts from his community

Why Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Elvis’ has got us all shook up

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Opinion: Movie star Martin Sheen changed his name to avoid racist discrimination – me too

No one should have to take such drastic measures in order not to feel ‘othered’ or prove their worth, says Hanna Flint

Pride Voices: What does it mean to be a lesbian in 2022?

In a world where identity is ever more fluid and free, has the meaning of the word ‘lesbian’ changed – or just evolved?

A Twitter fight, queer survival skills, and coming out through film

Director Andrew Ahn shares some inside info on ‘Fire Island’, his biggest movie to date

On the front line of US racial justice

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump discusses his new Netflix documentary, ‘Civil’, and the fight to impose real change for future generations

Pride Voices: Why 2022 is the year asexual people should get the recognition they deserve

Award-winning asexual activist Yasmin Benoit says it’s time to put an end to asexuality’s mainstream misrepresentation

Is the tech-powered dazzling grandeur of ABBA Voyage the future of the entertainment industry?

Director Baillie Walsh talks technology and storytelling behind the emotional impact of the reunion show – and why he could fall in love with an avatar

A different story: George Michael’s new documentary, ‘Freedom Uncut’

lus, a rundown of the books, films, music and more by Tortoise Media, the slow news agency

‘Stranger Things’ and Kate Bush: Running up those charts

It’s a match made in 1980s pop heaven; the perfect blend to save Max’s life and youth’s current obsession with nostalgia

Simon Rex: ‘I’ll get a phone call that Spielberg wants me to audition and I just laugh’

The model-turned-MTV VJ-turned rapper is now Hollywood’s hottest property – discover the extraordinary reinvention of Simon Rex

Opinion: Why Ryan Gosling’s Ken doll is giving us life

Bleach blonde, six-packed and spray tanned – Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’ heartthrob is not for kids

Is BeReal fake news?

The ‘anti-influencer’ photo-sharing app promises to be the antithesis of Instagram’s inauthentic curation – but is it all just a filter?

Borgen to the rescue – why we’ve never needed Birgitte Nyborg more

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Opinion: Star Wars is far, far away from solving its white fandom problem

There are 20 million sentient species in the franchise’s galaxy – so why are the trolls dominating?

Opinion: Is it just me or is Chris Packham the best dressed man on TV?

Naturalist. Twitcher. Don your fleece and get your twitching on at Soho Farmhouse

Jennifer Lopez and Soho House Shorts winner Kasey Elise Walker top the bill at Tribeca Film Festival

Our North America cinema programmer, Lisa Ogdie, reviews this year’s must-watch titles

Inside Miami’s underground Cirque Scene

Nicolas Allard - Les Ailes du Desir Foundation COO - says the sky’s the limit for aerial performance art

Opinion: Boris Johnson survived. But Britain deserves better

After scraping through the no-confidence vote to remain as Prime Minister, we now have to deal with living in a state of toxic political limbo

Kite Festival takes flight next weekend

From drag queens to Jarvis Cocker and singer Self Esteem, head to Oxfordshire for this summer’s hottest cultural event that brings together ideas and music

Joe Locke: ‘I’d love to play the first queer Disney prince or Marvel superhero’

The star of Netflix’s smash hit ‘Heartstopper’ talks awkward Zoom snogs and why he was forced to unfollow his friends and family on Instagram

Charlotte Leonard’s debut novel, ‘Afterwards’, finds a new language for grief and hope

The author talks about dealing with loss in our fast, digitalised culture and how Post-it notes kept her going

What do the Jubilee celebrations say about Britain’s national identity?

Beyond the bunting and Elizabeth Line hysteria, the reality is more disenchanting than a four-day hangover

‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’: Will the Star Wars spin-off prove that ‘the Force’ is still strong?

Plus, a rundown of the books, films, music and more by Tortoise Media, the slow news agency