Behind The Track: Gotts Street Park, ‘Fuego’

Behind The Track: Gotts Street Park, ‘Fuego’ | Soho House

In this edition of our Soho Rising series, in partnership with Bowers & Wilkins, we caught up with the Leeds-based musicians following their Brighton Beach House performance

Friday 6 October 2023   By Soho House Photography by Max Langran

Josh Crocker, Tom Henry and Joe Harris met in Leeds playing in and around local venues, coming together with their creative energy to form Gotts Street Park. In 2020, they were signed by the label Blue Flowers. 

Individually, Crocker, Henry and Harris have produced and written for the likes of Kali Uchis, Yellow Days, Celeste and Mabel, and in mid-September the trio performed for our members at Brighton Beach House. After the set, we caught up with two thirds of the group to hear about their track, ‘Fuego’.  

Behind The Track: Gotts Street Park, ‘Fuego’ | Soho House

When they began producing the single, Henry was ‘thinking of a sort of psychedelic dessert at the time, or something along those lines. Kind of a trippy atmosphere’, which lends itself well to their signature style – a blend of alternative R&B and cinematic soul. He elaborates, explaining: ‘Once we’d established the main riff and groove of the a-section – as we were calling it – we wanted to switch it up and keep it flowing, and keep the energy.’ Harris added that they always aim for ‘natural live take sounds, but embrace new recording techniques,’ as we hear on this track. 

Aligned in their love for collaborating, Henry says the group’s sounds are an amalgamation of their taste in music. They don’t have a permanent vocalist in the band, so they bring individual artists in for single tracks, and as a group they embrace the process of jamming and taking inspiration from these singers. On this occasion, for ‘Fuego’, they ventured into new territory as Crocker sang a line, which he had never done before, creating a dubbed sound over the track. 

Set to release their highly anticipated debut album On The Inside on 13 October, Gotts Street Park are on the up, so keep an eye out and be one of the first to listen. 

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Behind The Track: Gotts Street Park, ‘Fuego’ | Soho House