Soho House x Porsche presents Highway to House: Episode two

Soho House X Porsche presents Highway to House, Episode 2

We’re celebrating 20 years of our North American Houses with a once-in-a-lifetime road trip across the country to help you discover all the hotspots recommended by our members

Wednesday 2 August 2023   By Soho House   Directed by Danny Chan   Produced by Kevin Cheung   Service production by Holly Harding   Photography direction by Dallas Sterling   Editing by Louise Robinson   Music by Max Phillips   Sound design and mixing by Beresford Cookman   Colour by Megan Lee

We set off on a US road trip, driving from House to House to celebrate 20 years of our North American clubs. In a Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid, Pro BMX rider Jarren Barboza drove us from Downtown LA over to New York. Using the Connect function on the Soho House app, he picked up tips on popular food spots, iconic sites, unique art galleries, famous skate parks, and other interesting places along the way. 

Continuing our journey from episode one, we travelled from Sedona to Austin for the next leg, stopping at places recommended by local members. 

Whether you’re looking to explore the area, need some travel inspiration or an entirely new route, these are our recommended stops below…

Soho House X Porsche presents Highway to House, Episode 2
Soho House X Porsche presents Highway to House, Episode 2
Soho House X Porsche presents Highway to House, Episode 2
Top: White Sands National Park Above, clockwise from top left: National Radio Astronomy Observatory; a quick pit stop; Barboza with Michael Phelan, founder of Marfa Invitational

National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Very Large Array 
Old Highway 60, Magdalena, New Mexico

You don’t have to be into astronomy to appreciate the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. Enjoy a walking tour of the New Mexico landscape and get up close to the base of these state-of-the-art telescopes, famed for enabling new discoveries and opening celestial windows. 

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White Sands National Park
19955 Highway 70 West, Alamogordo, New Mexico 

These white sand dunes are an iconic feature of New Mexico and considered one of the Earth’s great natural wonders. The park and the animals that inhabit it are preserved by the state and it’s clear to see why. Whether you choose to hike and take in the spectacular vistas, cycle around with friends or drive in the glistening dunes, this unique place is one you’ll want to add to any road trip. 

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Moon Man Printing 
305 N Main Street, Roswell, New Mexico

Head over to this local, family-run printing shop for humorous caps, T-shirts and other quirky apparel. Take one home as a New Mexico souvenir or simply as an addition to your day-to-day collection. 

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Soho House X Porsche presents Highway to House, Episode 2

Above: taking a break in Magdalena, New Mexico

Cactus Liquors
405 S Highland Avenue, Marfa, Texas

When in Texas, it makes sense to enjoy all the local offerings, such as cacti, trees, flowers and herbs that can be found in the local desert. As you arrive at this store, you’ll see it’s filled with unique and distinctive bottles, and a large range of drinks including whisky, vodka and, of course, tequila and mezcal. 

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Marfa Invitational cultural centre

Adding a pin to the map of Marfa, Michael Phelan owns a gallery in the middle of the town, showcasing all the art, and inviting both global art patrons and visitors. You can expect contemporary art and design, as well as avant-garde films and fashion. And the studio itself provides context for the works exhibited here, reflecting the spirit and ethos of Marfa and far West Texas. 

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Soho House Austin 
1011 S Congress Avenue Building 2, Suite 100, Austin, Texas 

A warm and comforting spot for a much-needed rest, Soho House Austin will take care of you after a long trip. Once you’ve settled into your bedroom, take a refreshing dip in the rooftop pool, then enjoy a hearty dinner at Cecconi’s. Afterwards, relax into the evening with a drink and some music at Dante’s HiFi+ bar.  

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Soho House X Porsche presents Highway to House, Episode 2

Above: relaxing poolside at the end of the next leg of the trip at Soho House Austin

Soho House X Porsche presents Highway to House, Episode 2