What my Soho House membership means to me

What my Soho House membership means to me | Soho House

From connecting with other creatives to having a home away from home, Soho Beach House Miami member, Michelle Leshem, shares the best things about her membership

Thursday 5 January 2023    By Soho House    Photography by Jenny Abrams

Soho Beach House Miami member Michelle Leshem’s work crosses creative boundaries. As a creative agency founder by day and one of Miami’s most sought-after DJs by night, what the multi-hyphenate loves the most about her Soho House membership is that it caters to her versatile lifestyle. 

She uses the space to take meetings and network, while also connecting with like-minded music artists and creatives over Picantes at events and parties at the Houses – not to mention being one of our regular DJs. 

Ahead of the opening of Miami Pool House, we asked Leshem to tell us what her membership means to her. 
What my Soho House membership means to me | Soho House

What does your Soho House membership mean to you?   
‘Community, creativity and collectiveness. Really, a home away from home.’
What was it that inspired you to become a member in the first place?  
‘Many reasons: Soho House’s commitment to creativity, the culture, its diversity and intelligent programming, and the overall design and quality of every element – from the interiors and amenities to the food. Fashion, design, art and music programming are always integrated, consistently. That says a lot. Quality is always key here.’
Which is your favourite House and why?  
‘I’ve got three so far: Soho Beach House, the new Miami Pool House and Soho Warehouse in DTLA (especially the studio space).’
What’s your best memory from Soho House? 
‘I can’t nail just one. The Snowbirds and Flamingo parties on the rooftop (nothing like good disco and Italo house on Ocho’s rooftop at sunset), to the Basel Closing Tent Party with DJ Harvey, DJing/ opening for Cut Copy, and late-night music dance parties on the club floor.’
Which is your favourite spot in your favourite House and why? 
‘I love the corner banquette seat on the club floor at Soho Beach House. You can sink right into the comfy cushions and enjoy the scenery.’
What’s your fail-safe food order?  
‘Vegan sausage pizza, crudites and hummus.’ 
And your go-to drink order? 

‘A Picante (extra spicy) or Espresso Martini.’ 

What my Soho House membership means to me | Soho House
What my Soho House membership means to me | Soho House

Which is your favourite House to visit when you’re travelling and why? 
‘Los Angeles and New York – I get to see fellow member friends, and listen, meet and check out local talent from that city.’
What’s the most valuable connection you’ve made at Soho House?  
‘I’m always meeting so many creatives and inspiring people from everywhere – it’s so fun and random. I’ve had a great roster of global talent that has played at Soho House, where I have DJed for their events. Overall, getting to know the team behind the brand over the years has been amazing.’
What advice would you give someone who was looking to apply for membership? 
‘Be authentic. Be approachable. Show us what you are passionate about and why, especially when it comes to one’s creativity, and how that creativity is shared and can inspire fellow creatives. Have amazing energy.’ 
What is it that keeps you coming back to Soho House?  
‘Consistency, approachability, sophistication, casualness, and overall… it’s always fun, chilled and comfortable.’
What’s the most surprising thing about being a Soho House member?   
‘Soho House is evolving at such a fast pace with its unique development and openings in new cities around the world.’
Has being a member made you feel more connected to a global community? If so, how? 
‘Absolutely. Being inspired each time you are at a House speaks volumes. You feel at ease no matter which House or city you’re visiting. Meeting new people and seeing old friends is bound to always happen, whether it’s local or global. The art in every House is fun, interesting, always tasteful, diverse, and eclectic. It’s exciting to attend the events and give feedback to the in-house team of what you want to see more of when it comes to music, art, design, wellness, fashion and food… the list goes on. Everything interconnects naturally.’

What my Soho House membership means to me | Soho House

How does Soho House enhance your life? 
‘It brings a sense of belonging. It’s great to know that there’s a platform and “home” locally and worldwide for creatives to share their passions, be inspired and discover new mediums, aesthetics and sounds. When creativity and a love for the arts and culture are valued at the highest level by an organisation through committed action, but also with such natural ease, it’s really motivating. 

Music, design and art are a big part of my life – I want and need to be around people who share that mindset and in places that feed my soul; Soho House is consistent with that.’
What’s the best event you’ve ever attended at Soho House? 
‘Too many to list. Basel and MMW events at Soho Beach House Miami are pretty epic times – the innate party energy of Miamians coupled with the excitement of visiting members is unrivalled. Plus, the best holiday of the year, Halloween. Soho Beach House goes all out and creates the greatest environmental escape and experience for members.’ 
Describe your average day spent at the House.  
‘Warm greetings with staff from valet, the hosts at Cecconi’s and the front desk. It’s so nice to see a lot of the same faces. Usually, I go up to the second floor/ club floor to meet up with a friend with a snack and a cocktail. I enjoy the scenery and often run into other members, which is always nice, then the roaming begins. I love bouncing around the House, because there are so many little spots and different vibes – from the beach bar and the pool beds to Ocho. Then, I go back to the club floor, hang out some more and also check out any new art as I leave.’ 

What my Soho House membership means to me | Soho House
What my Soho House membership means to me | Soho House
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