All the Soho House app updates you need to know about

All the Soho House app updates you need to know about | Soho House

From the new ‘check in/ out’ features to a smoother booking process for tables and pool slots – make the most of your membership with these changes

Tuesday 1 August 2023 By Soho House

The Soho House app is the ultimate platform for our members to engage and connect with us, at any given time – whether you’re booking a table for dinner, inviting friends to join you at your local House or securing your spot at the next Secret Sounds event. It’s also the place where you get all the latest news and highlights from our global community first-hand, which is why we’ve made some exciting changes to enhance its functionality and your overall experience on it. 

To help you make the most of your membership, we’ve introduced some key updates to the app this year, such as new booking functions, easier ways to connect with fellow members with our carefully curated Groups feature, and the ability to find the relevant information you want as soon as you ‘check in’ to your chosen House. 

‘We’re continuing to develop and iterate features and functionality on the app to help improve our member experience. We know it’s an essential enabler for our members to make the most of their membership, and we’re striving to make things easier and more efficient,’ says Chris Lewis, Soho House Director of Product. ‘These new updates help us provide a more tailored experience, optimise some of our key booking journeys, and provide a better way for members to connect and engage with us and one another.’ 

Here’s everything you need to know: 

1. Introduction of checked in/ checked out status

Your experience on the app will now be based on where you are. When you’re in one of the Houses, what appears on your homepage will be specific to the House you have ‘checked in’ to.  For example, if you have checked in to 180 House, you will automatically be shown all of the events and the tables available to book at that specific location. You will also be shown the other members who are in the House, if they have opted in to this, as well as a clear display of the opening hours.

2. Bookings made easier 
Members are now able to book all key services across Soho House via the app, including tables, events, poolside access, gym classes, spa treatments, and event meeting rooms at Soho Works.

With the ‘checked in’ feature now in place, this process will be a lot smoother for members, as menus and available tables, events and gym classes to book will be highlighted a lot earlier in the journey. 

3. Personalised bedroom bookings
We now have a consistent, bespoke booking experience across all of our Houses. We’ve enhanced the journey, starting with our new House and date picker. Then, once you’ve chosen your room, you’re no longer required to re-input your personal information – simply add your payment details and you’re done. 

4. Pool booking enhancements 
We’ve improved our pool booking experience on the app by making it simpler to see availability and upcoming bookings for Houses that take pool reservations. For more information on this, visit our everything you need to know about rooftops and pools page. 

5. Ability to book meeting rooms and enquire about private hire 
Members can now use the app to book Soho Works meetings rooms. For private hire, you’ll also have the option to explore our spaces, as well as make an enquiry. Similarly, when booking a meeting room at one of our Soho Works locations via the app, you will be asked to select your location and room size of choice before being presented with suggested availability. 

6. Groups feature in Connect
Earlier this year, we took the communities built within our Houses beyond their physical spaces by introducing Groups – a new connection-based feature in the ‘Connect’ section of the Soho House app. The update allows you to join specific interest groups that appeal to you, whether that’s ‘Travel Tips’, ‘Collaborate’ or ‘Meet ups’. 

There’s also a ‘House group’ for each of the Houses around the world, where all local members are added automatically to get regular updates and highlights from the membership team, and engage with fellow members of their respective Houses. From event reminders to menu changes, all you have to do is turn on your notifications to be the first to know. 

7. House Pay 
House Pay is our self-built integrated payments service. It allows members to open a tab with the waiter, view your bill in real time and settle it on the app when you’re ready to leave. 

All special rates are applied at checkout. You can also use member credits, leave a tip and view paid receipts in the app at any time, too. 

Stay tuned on the Soho House app for more updates

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