New on the app: Connect through Groups

New on the app: Connect through Groups | Soho House

The latest update to the Soho House app is here to help members build connections by sharing travel tips, opportunities and House highlights. Here, Soho Warehouse member Kori Clay puts it to the test

Tuesday 6 June 2023 By Kori Clay

In a world of endless friend requests and continuously rescheduled coffee chats, finding community and genuine connections can start to feel rare. As our lives become more entangled with fleeting encounters, the need for authentic relationships and a sense of belonging grows stronger. From Los Angeles to Sweden, it’s in these moments of universal longing that Soho House acts as a hub for forging these lasting relationships. 

Within the walls of each House, communities flourish, fuelled by shared passions, engaging conversations and a genuine desire to get to know one another. And now, Soho House has taken these communities beyond its physical spaces by adding ‘Groups’, a new connection-based feature in the ‘Connect’ section of the Soho House app. 

‘Meeting other like-minded members, socially or professionally, has always been central to our membership,’ says Rajat Dhawan, Soho House’s Global Chief Technology Officer. ‘Connect features on the member app enables these meeting moments digitally – more instantaneously and globally.’ 

For those who are unfamiliar with the Connect feature, it gives you the ability to make connections, message other members across the Houses and join specific interest groups. There’s also a ‘House group’ for each of the Houses around the world, where all local members are added automatically to get regular updates and highlights from the membership team, and engage with fellow members of their respective Houses. From event reminders to menu changes, all you have to do is turn on your notifications to be the first to know. 

‘Members can connect to other members and be part of sub-communities. Once connected, they can message each other, share recommendations, find work and meet in the Houses,’ says Dhawan. 

One person who has frequently used these features is Soho Warehouse member Malcolm Vinson. Currently exploring the vibrant streets of London, he has used the app to connect not only with familiar faces from his local community, but also with fellow members he’s encountered during trips to his home city of Los Angeles. Embracing the interconnected world of Soho House, Vinson finds himself able to foster meaningful connections – an integral part of his journey in London.

‘I like using the Soho House app to connect with new members both locally and when I travel,’ says Vinson. ‘It makes it easy to meet other members socially, as well as for collaborative purposes.’

These connections are not created by chance, but crafted with intentionality, according to Dhawan. ‘Members are matched to other members using a proprietary algorithm,’ he explains. ‘More recently we introduced interest-based and House-based groups where members contribute and share in a digital community.’

The newest Groups feature seamlessly bridges the gap between local and global, allowing members to forge meaningful connections whether they’re in the comfort of their own city or embarking on a new adventure abroad. The interest-based groups range from travel, food and drink to House meet-ups and professional opportunities.

As I prepare for my own personal trip to attend the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France, I’ve found the subgroup ‘Travel Tips’ has been essential in curating my dream itinerary. It serves as a virtual meeting point, where members from all corners of the world come together to share their expertise and create a global network of travel enthusiasts. Within this dynamic community I’ve found members are not only knowledgeable, but passionate about sharing their local recommendations, insider insights and hidden gems. 

A self-proclaimed foodie, I’m always on the hunt for a new restaurant. Exploring new flavours, innovative menus and immersive dining experiences is not just a hobby, but a must when touching down in a different city. Planning for my trip, I recently posted in the group looking for restaurant suggestions and the Soho House community never disappoints with their responses. If you’re visiting Cannes in the near future, I’d recommend the Italian restaurant UVA for its romantic vibes in the evening. And if you want more of a fun atmosphere, Bobo Bistro is the place to go. Outside of restaurants, the Carlton Beach Club is perfect for an all-day excursion as it offers day passes.

So, whether you’re a food enthusiast, an avid traveller or seeking connection with other members, the Soho House community serves as a trusted guide to elevate your journey and make unforgettable memories. The Groups feature has helped me embrace the opportunity to share my interests, plan gatherings with newfound friends and collaborate on passion projects, all of which was only one message away. 

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