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House Rules
Soho House Paris

Soho House operates establishments (each referred to as a “House”) worldwide, in the form and status of private clubs accessible, only, to members ("members").
Membership to the Private Club "Soho House" is for those belonging to the creative industries.
Members are obliged to respect the provisions of these rules of the "House", whether individually, or collectively.

1. The House

Each member enters into a contract with the company Soho House, which manages the local private club called "The House", which is located within the perimeter of their home, or, when there is no local club in a territory, with a company that will be designated to them by Soho House. I.e., Soho House Paris S.A.S.Soho House will charge members, whose membership has been accepted, after they have been informed of this acceptance:

-  membership fees,

- annual subscription fees, in accordance with the general conditions of the "Soho House Paris" 

2. Application for Soho House Membership

By completing and submitting your application for membership at "Soho House Paris”, you agree to respect the rules of "Soho House Paris".
The membership committee meets quarterly and approves new members, as long as memberships remain available.
The membership committee of "Soho House Paris" decides, in a discretionary manner, who will be selected to become a member of Soho House.
You are free to withdraw your membership application at any time.

If you wish to do so, you will contact our membership team at the following address:

If your application for membership is accepted, you will receive a confirmation, by e-mail. Your annual membership will take effect on the date this email is sent. 

3. Proposing new members

Members are invited to nominate individuals to become members of Soho House.

Application forms are available at

4. Members under the age of 27

Members whose applications are accepted, before their 27th birthday, will benefit from a reduced membership fee (either a fixed rate or a decreasing rate to be specified) until their 30th birthday.
All details on this subject can be found on our online membership portal, If your application is not accepted on or before your 27th birthday, you will be charged a full subscription fee.

5. Renewal of Soho House membership

Membership to Soho House is subscribed by the member for a period of one year. Membership to the Club Soho House Paris is not tacitly and automatically renewed. Membership renewals are reviewed annually by our Membership Committee. The decision of the Committee of Members shall be final and shall not be subject to appeal.

6. Member Database

Each member must provide, when joining Soho House, his or her personal details and provide a photograph, which will appear on their Soho House membership as data. 

The aforementioned personal data is collected from members for the following purposes:

- registration in the members' database for the purpose of allowing them to access and make available to them, the services offered by Soho House Paris;
- management of the operation and optimization of the Members' database;
- sending commercial and advertising information on the services and events of Soho House Paris, according to the choices made by the Member, when registering on the Members' database.

By becoming a member of Soho House, you agree that the "Soho House" Group may retain its personal data and the photograph provided, upon membership, under the conditions prescribed by the consent form for the collection of such personal data that will be filled out by each member upon membership in Soho House Paris.

In the event that the personal or bank details change, you have the obligation to inform Soho House and Soho House Paris, via your account page on

7. Membership payment 

On the date of the acceptance of your application, as a member of Soho House, you will become immediately liable for membership fees and the annual subscription.

On the date of confirmation of the renewal of your membership, you will be immediately liable for the annual subscription.

By providing us with your payment information, you agree to be charged a membership fee, in accordance with Soho House's terms and conditions, on the date of approval or renewal of your application for membership. 
In the event of a change in the rates applicable to the renewal of your membership, we will inform you, within a reasonable time, and at best three months before the anniversary date of the renewal of said membership, of the changes that have occurred to the rates and to the payment terms if these were also to be modified.

Failure to pay the membership fees and/or the annual subscription of the member, within one month, from the mentioned due date of the member, will result in the immediate cancellation of the "Membership” and the member who will not be up to date, of the payment of the sums due by him, will be prohibited from accessing the Soho House Paris and any other establishment managed by the Soho House group. 

8. Termination of Soho House membership

If you have selected the monthly or quarterly payment of your annual subscription and you choose to terminate your membership, during the year, regardless of the reason you will be required to pay the full amount of said subscription until the current annual deadline. 

9. Membership cards

Members must present their membership cards when they arrive at the reception of the local "Soho House".

Members who are already inside the hotel, can be asked to present their membership card, to access the bars and restaurants of the establishment, whether for food, or only, to consume drinks.

A non-member who would present a membership card, will be refused access to the establishment and the member whose card has been used, if it is with his agreement, may be subject to a suspension, or even a termination of his membership.

In case of theft or loss of the Soho House membership card, you are invited to inform, immediately, by any convincing means (RAR letter, e-mail with acknowledgment of receipt), Soho House Paris.

10. Your personal data

We will use the personal information you provide to us as part of your membership, in accordance with our applicable privacy and personal data collection policy and in accordance with the provisions of the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 27 April 2016.

The Soho House Group will fulfil its obligation to comply with requests to exercise the member's rights, namely, his right of access, rectification, erasure and opposition, his right to restriction of processing, his right to data portability, his right not to be the subject of an automated individual decision (including profiling). 

When the Member exercises requests to Soho House to exercise his rights, the latter may exercise their rights by sending a letter to: 

- the Data Protection Officer (DPO) 
Soho Paris House
45 rue de la Bruyère
75009 PARIS

or an email to

Soho House undertakes to implement adequate security measures to protect the processing of your personal data.

11. Guests

Members are allowed to be accompanied by three guests in Soho House Paris at any time.

However, and during periods of high activity, for the establishment of Soho House Paris, Soho House Paris reserves the right to restrict the access of members and / or their guests to certain areas of Soho House Paris. 

Guests of a member cannot access the Soho House Paris or any other establishment of the "Soho House" Group, worldwide, without the presence of the member. 

Members may not be separated from their guests, inside The Soho House Paris or any other establishment of the Soho House Group, or allow their guests to remain, in the Soho House when they leave the Soho House. Members will be held liable for any breach by their guests of the Soho House rules and must ensure that they comply with all the rules issued by soho house of which the member is aware. 

In the event of a breach by the member or one or more of his guests, of the rules mentioned in these rules, the members may be notified of the suspension or termination of their "membership” of Soho House.

12. Children

The establishments of the "Soho House" group are designed for adults, but also, children.  

We invite you to inquire, in advance, when you take children, as guests, directly, to the Soho House on which you depend and / or that you visit, and to ask the establishment concerned, the conditions of reception of children invited by the members, as the regulations vary, depending on the Soho House concerned. 

Remember that your children are, under your responsibility, permanently, when they are present in Soho House. Make sure that they are not left unattended at any time. 

Some Soho Houses require children to be members of this room in order to access certain services and/or benefits.

For any information, on this subject, consult our FAQ

13. Casual attire

Each "House" promotes a relaxed atmosphere. 
To preserve this relaxed environment, members must refrain from wearing professional clothing (suits, jackets and ties, etc.) within Soho House. Members must ensure that their guests comply with this rule.

14. Privacy for Members and Guests

Members and their guests must not approach, disturb or solicit other people, within Soho House whom they do not know personally.
Failure to do so may result in the suspension or termination of membership in Soho House. 
15. Mobile phones

To protect the relaxed atmosphere of Soho House, members should not receive or make phone calls, in places accessible to members (lobby, restaurants, bar, gym, etc.). Phones must be set in silent mode. Text messages are allowed and calls can be made or received in designated locations, within Soho House. Members will have to ensure that their guests comply with the above rules.

16. Cameras/Recording Devices

In order to preserve the relaxed atmosphere of Soho House, cameras, mobile phones and/or sound or video recording, may not be used within Soho House. Members must ensure that their guests also comply with this rule.
The House reserves the right to take possession of and confiscate any camera, mobile phone and/or sound or video recording, which would be used by a member or his/her guest, in violation of the rules stipulated above.

17. Audio/Video Sound

Sounds audible from mobile phones must only be listened to by means of headphones and must not be heard by another Member or a guest of another Member.  Wifi calls should only be made in the areas designated for this purpose.

18. Press and social media

Each Soho House has a strict policy of not communicating any information to the press.
Members will be held liable, if they themselves and/or their guests, report, in the press, or on social networks, including on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram and on personal blogs, the presence, within the Soho House, whether, at the time they were there, or not, for that matter, of another member or a guest of it, whom they would identify, and name.
Similarly, members and their guests must refrain from communicating to the press or on social networks, including on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and personal blogs:  
- first, on the fact that a person identified by them is a member of Soho House,
- then, on any private event, concerning a member, which would occur, within Soho House Paris.

19. Confidentiality

The management of Soho House Paris undertakes to respect strict confidentiality on all information that may be collected, concerning a member.
The management of Soho House Paris undertakes to ensure that this strict confidence is respected by all its staff and by its external service providers.

20. Drugs and illegal substances

No member or guest shall buy, use, ingest, possess, sell or distribute in any way, illicit substances, or attempt to do the same, with any member or guest. No member or guest shall request soho house staff to acquire illegal substances, whether inside or outside the Soho house premises, and in the immediate vicinity of them.
If it turns out that one of the members or one of his guests, had been guilty of any of these breaches, the member and/or guest concerned, will be, immediately, excluded from the Soho House and membership in the Membership of the Soho house, terminated.
No member or guest may buy, sell, use or possess any weapon and/or any other illicit object, on the premises of the Soho house or in the immediate vicinity thereof. If such objects are found, it will be confiscated, the member and / or guest concerned will be excluded, immediately, from Soho House, and membership will be terminated, it being specified that the management of the Soho House concerned, reserves the right to inform the police and / or the competent authorities, of the breach found in the laws of the country in the jurisdiction of which the "House" concerned is located.

21. Invoices

All invoices must be paid immediately before departure from Soho House. No credit is granted by Soho House. Members are responsible for expenses incurred, on behalf of their guests. In the event of non-payment of these, members may be subject to suspension and/or termination of their membership in the Soho House Membership. 

22. Food and Beverages

Members are prohibited from bringing food or beverages from outside the Soho House, unless they can prove a medical reason, to Soho House management.

23. Private rental and maintenance of Soho House

We may sometimes close, all or part of the premises of the Soho House, to members and their guests, for private events or for necessary maintenance, renovation or decoration work.  

In the event of the closure, for privatization, of part of the premises of Soho House, members are invited to respect the privacy of their persons participating in the said private events taking place, within the Soho House and to refrain from communicating any information, on the event, to third parties, on any medium whatsoever.  

When all or part of the House is closed, for maintenance work, interior renovation, or when we have to withdraw facilities or services, because we consider that they may pose a risk to the health and /or safety of our members, guests or employees, or that they are detrimental to the company, we will endeavor to ensure that any such area, installation and /or service, will be restored as soon as possible.

24. House Events

We may film or photograph the events and activities of our members in our Houses to use the images, in our membership programs, as well as in our advertising campaigns, public relations and other commercial    purposes. If you participate in these events, we will collect, obviously, your consent, for these uses, by offering you to regularize an authorization of use of your right to the image, free of charge, for a limited period, in time, which will be specified to you.

25. Accidents and injuries

We want all our members and guests to relax and enjoy the activities and facilities available, in our establishments, safely.

We draw your attention that some of our establishments are located in the countryside, with a natural environment (lakes, mountains etc.) that require, because of their character, potentially dangerous, to take precautions that remain the sole responsibility of the members and / or their guest.

The members and their guests, beyond their commitment of their personal responsibility, undertake, in any case, to respect the rules of Soho House and to take into account any prohibition posted in our establishments, and this, in particular, the bathing instructions, in designated areas and to take reasonable precautions, when you move on the ground, or when you use the facilities of the Soho House.
If a member or guest is the victim of an accident or suffers injuries, within or near the Soho House, and has established that it is due to non-compliance with the rules, precautions and recommendations posted, Soho House will decline all responsibility.

In the event of an accident, please report it, immediately and as soon as possible, to a staff member and, in any event, within 24 hours of the occurrence of the accident. Indeed, beyond the fact that the Soho House wishes to ensure the health of its members and/or guests thereof, this information is necessary, to allow us to comply with our obligations, in terms of health and safety, and for insurance purposes.

26. Entering and leaving the House

All members and their guests are requested to respect other members and/or guests who are, at the same time, in the House, adopting, in all circumstances, a courteous and peaceful attitude.

Members and their guests will ensure that they speak, in a low voice, when entering, leaving or near the House premises.

27. Animals

No animal will be allowed, in the House, with the exception of service dogs, legally recognized and certified as such.

28. Video surveillance

Members and their guests should be aware that for reasons of security of property and people, a video surveillance system operates, at all times, in various Soho House establishments.

The recorded images are kept for thirty (30) days and can be viewed, in the event of an incident, by the authorized personnel of the company SOHO HOUSE PARIS and by the police.

To exercise your data protection rights, in particular, your right of access to images concerning you, or for any information on this device, you can contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO), by writing to:  

- by email:

- or to the following mailing address: 

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) 
Soho Paris House
45 rue de la Bruyère
75009 PARIS 

29. Tobacco Policy

All members and their guests are required to comply with the Soho House policy, in relation to tobacco and all applicable laws, rules and government regulations in this regard, in the country where Soho House is located. It is forbidden, within the Soho House Houses, to smoke (including electronic cigarettes) and this, at any time whatsoever, during the day or at night. 
Soho House reserves the right to prohibit or limit the use of tobacco, in any area, in its sole and absolute discretion.
Soho House reserves the right to designate certain areas outside the premises of the House, as smoking areas and to change the location of these areas, at any time. In any case, members and their guests are asked to respect the wishes of other members and their guests, concerning the use of tobacco, and to refrain from smoking, once a request has been made to them, to this effect.

30. Disciplinary proceedings

The conduct of a member or guest that is detrimental to the reputation and image of Soho House and constitutes a breach of the above rules, may result in the suspension and/or termination of membership, or even the immediate exclusion of the membership and/or guest.
The conduct may include inappropriate, violent or abusive behavior, and/or communication to the media, information about members and/or guests of Soho House, their activities.
An expelled member may not return to any House, including as a guest. 
Any member who willfully damages or destroys property belonging to Soho House, or to members and/or guests, shall be liable to suspension or termination of their membership, with immediate expulsion, without prejudice to any damages which Soho House may claim from him, by mutual agreement and/or judicial means.
Each member agrees to abide by the rules and by-laws of Soho House, at all times, upon membership as a member. If Soho House considers, at its discretion, that the conduct of a member (or his guests), inside or outside Soho House, is, contrary to the interests of Soho House, Soho House will, with immediate effect, expel the member or guest from the premises of the House and / or suspend or terminate the membership of a  member with immediate effect.

31. Neutrality

The Soho House is created, to encourage apolitical, social, artistic and creative activities.
Each member and their guests must ensure, during all the time of their presence, within the Soho House Paris, to maintain a strict neutrality regarding his political and / or religious opinions. 

32. Membership Rights and Privileges

While members are entitled to the rights and privileges granted by Soho House, to any person having the status of member, subject only to compliance, strictly, with the provisions of these rules, said title does not give any right of ownership, property of soho house.

33.  Soho House Trademark 

Members and their guests are not permitted to use or make use of any names, logos, colors, trademarks, trademarks, photographs, trade dress or other identifying features of Soho House and its affiliates without the prior and express written permission of Soho House for such specific use as it may wish to make. 
Members expressly acknowledge that Soho House's Trademarks are valid and remain the exclusive property of Soho House, its parent company, affiliates and/or subsidiaries.
Members and their guests may not use and/or exploit, or authorize others to   use and/or exploit, the Soho House Marks, for any purpose whatsoever, including, without reference, in any communication, marketing, advertising or other promotional material (including brochures, flyers, commercial posters, invitations and electronic messages) that use and exploit the Soho House Marks without the prior and express written consent of Soho House. 

34. Use of Equipment and Facilities

Soho House declines all responsibility, in case of dangerous, inappropriate use, without respect for the precautionary and / or inappropriate measures of the equipment, sports facilities and / or physical exercise, made available to the members, by Soho House.

Any member shall be solely responsible for any loss or injury caused to himself, to other persons or to the equipment and/or facilities, by any dangerous or inappropriate use of the sports equipment or facilities. This includes inappropriate use, under the influence of alcohol and/or medication, or failure to inform staff, of a health concern related to the use of the equipment or facilities.

Members are not allowed to bring guests to the gym. 

The Soho House provides its members with the opportunity to subscribe to sessions with a sports teacher who will explain to them how to properly and safely use the gymnasium, the available sports equipment.

It is strictly prohibited to use unauthorized equipment, or to engage in unauthorized physical activity, in a Soho House establishment. You will also need to complete a declaration confirming that you are healthy and physically fit to use our gym and/or sports equipment, without medical contraindication.

When using equipment and facilities available in a Soho House, each member must take care to protect their own health and   safety and that of others.

35. Mail and parcels

In exceptional cases, members may send personal mail and parcels to a Soho House property. This facilitation is offered to members only if they have made arrangements in advance with Soho House and the Manager of the Soho House in question has confirmed that they accept mail and parcels on their behalf. Any message addressed to Soho House is sent at the member's own risk and Soho House cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or destruction of such packages and/or letters. If the mail and/or parcels  are not collected within a reasonable time, Soho House may dispose of it or return it to the sender, as  it sees fit. If customs, duties or handling fees are due, the member agrees that all such fees are covered.

36. Liability of Soho House

All products/objects/articles brought in a House are under the sole responsibility of the member and/or his/her guests.
If, during the stay at the Soho House Paris, a flight occurs, and subject to providing proof, duly, valid, the liability of the Soho House will be limited to a ceiling equal to 100 times the price of the night for the objects stolen from the hotel, inaccordance with the provisions of articles1952 to 1954 of the Civil Code.

In the event of fire and/or water damage, again, Soho House's liability will be limited, in accordance with the terms of the insurance policies taken out by it.

The Soho House reserves the right to refuse any compensation for the damage suffered, in case of proven fault of the customer in the disaster resulting in the deterioration and / or destruction of the property / or objects of the member and / or in case of force majeure (lightning etc.) 

37. Interpretation of the Rules

Any dispute relating to the application and/or interpretation of these rules shall be submitted, exclusively, to the Membership Committee of the members, whose decision shall be final and may not be appealed.

38. Changes to Soho House By-law 

Soho House may need to amend the rules of procedure of Soho House.

In this case, members will be informed, by email, it being specified thata notification of the change will, in any case, be made on the site:

Please note that the Soho House rules contained in your membership book may not be completely up to date and that the latest version of the House Rules will be posted on the website: www.

39. Contact us

If you have any questions about your membership and/or the rules of our House, please contact us at: