OPO meditations: Deeper Sleep

OPO Deeper Sleep Soho House

Settle into bed and tune into sound frequencies designed to promote sleep-inducing Theta brainwave states

If you have trouble sleeping, or simply want to end your day in a fully relaxed state, this immersive guided meditation will reduce stress and calm the system in preparation for sleep. 

So, lie down in bed, and tune into a soundscape and frequencies designed to enhance our Theta state. 

This will induce deeper sleep, align sleep patterns, and support a better daily rhythm and presence to life. 

Find your chosen place, lie comfortably, and journey into the power of the present moment.

Formed by Soho House Greek Street members, Chris Connors and Elliot Cox, OPO augments our experience of meditation in new, inspiring ways by blending the worlds of sound, breathwork, neuroscience, and technology.

As a studio with social impact, OPO integrates virtual experiences in public spaces for both local communities and businesses. To find out more, click here.

‘When you marry wellness and technology with a 100% intention for human good, there can only be a better outcome for humanity and the planet.’ Chris Connors, OPO founder.

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