Monday Movement: The ultimate 20-minute beach stretch

20 min beach stretch with Shannon | Soho House

Join Little Beach House Malibu member, Shannon Nadj, for a full-body stretch

Monday 21 March 2022

For a truly healthy and beneficial workout, we need to take care of our muscles. In this 20-minute flowing sequence, you’ll work through dynamic stretches and deep breathwork to increase your range of motion, improve recovery, and reduce stress.

About Shannon Nadj:
Little Beach House Malibu member, Shannon Nadj, is the founder of HOT PILATES – West Hollywood’s go-to fitness studio that since 2014 has specialised in delivering challenging workouts, rooted in the principles of yoga and Pilates. With a personal passion to move mindfully, Nadj’s classes will not only get you the results you want, but also teach you the fundamental mind-body connection. Soho House members can receive 50% off a HOT PILATES digital membership; simply enter the code ‘SOHOVIP22’ at checkout.

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