Monday Movement: Glutes and core Pilates

Monday Movement

Activate, sculpt and tone your glutes and core in this 30-minute Pilates movement class from London member, Zoe Maia

24 January 2022

Thirty minutes of calming but strong core and glutes-focused Pilates movement. For an extra Pilates burn, add some ankle weights.

About Zoe Maia:
Jarchevska is the founder of Maia Well Co, a wellness and luxury retreats business based in London. She’s also the founder of Move With Maia, a digital Pilates studio, which she created to help people move, breathe and feel good, anytime, anywhere. Her classes combine more than 1,000 hours of teaching, training and education to create her unique Maia Well Co method, with a focus on sculpting, strengthening, toning and lengthening the body from head to toe. 

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