Listen to The Backstory: Our new podcast with Jason Bentley

We’ve teamed up with the award-winning radio host and Little Beach House Malibu member Jason Bentley to bring you our new podcast The Backstory, a series of insightful discussions that breaks down the alchemy of the creative process.

The Backstory pairs creative innovators – thinkers, artists, and tastemakers – together to share ideas and make connections. Join Bentley every week to hear never-before-told stories about his guests’ personal stories and the projects that shaped their careers.

Brought to you in partnership with D'USSE Cognac.

Episode 6: actor Casey Affleck and Kathryn Scanlan, author of Aug 9 – Fog⁠ and The Dominant Animal, discuss their creative process and mutual inspirations

An illustration of a lamp turned on casting a shadow
The Backstory cocktail – Episode 6: Glorious Beginning 

Inspired by Jason Bentley’s chat with Casey Affleck and Kathryn Scanlan, Glorious Beginning is a refreshing drink with a hint of bitterness

1.5 parts D’USSÉ VSOP
1/3 part Martini & Rossi Bitter   please style up 1/3 as a fraction
¾ part fresh lemon juice
1 tbsp orange marmalade 
1/3 part egg white  please style up 1/3 as a fraction
Orange peel for garnish

Add all the ingredients to a shaker filled with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a cocktail glass and
garnish with orange peel.

Tip: once shaken with ice, pour the cocktail back in the shaker and shake it again without ice to create a greater foam on top.