House Notes: We meet again

Soho Rising: Dough-Boy

As part of our Soho Rising series, one of Hong Kong’s biggest hip-hop stars charts the course of his already acclaimed career

Ugo Mozie is putting the spotlight back on Africa

The Nigerian-born, LA-based stylist and creative director discusses how his nonprofit organisation, WANA, is providing communities with sustainable support

Make It Work: This T-Shirt

Soho House New York member Cassandra Aaron shares how she built a T-shirt company from scratch and raised $250,000 for New York and LA restaurants

The Zodiac Dispatch: Activism on the court

For her next column, astrologer and Berlin member Clarisse Monahan explains how basketball player LeBron James’ birth chart aligns with his activism

Director Tom Dolby on capturing love and loss

The Artist’s Wife director and West Hollywood member shares the inspiration behind the making of his recent film ahead of our virtual screenings

Charles Gaines wants to challenge how you see the world

The pioneering artist discusses his new virtual exhibition at Hauser & Wirth, and how his work is a protest against the limitations placed on Black artists

Artist Sarah Maple calls out the art world

The British member talks harnessing her frustration, disappointment in structural sexism and racism, and galvanising it into thought-provoking work

Inside the Andalusian retreat bringing new life to luxury eco-travel

Appreciation for the land is at the heart of Spanish escape, La Donaira, from the expansive landscape to the in-house Michelin-star chef’s menu

The changing state of fashion travel

Slow travel is just what it sounds like: traveling at a slower pace. But what does that mean for the fast-paced fashion industry?

Reliving the highlights of Secret Soho Sounds

ith our series of surprise performances around our London Houses wrapping up this week, with sets from Mabel and Lewis Capaldi, we revisit the best moments