House Notes: We meet again

It’s all about Esme Creed-Miles

Meet fashion’s new muse: the 20-year-old multi-hyphenate writer, director, musician, model, Miu Miu campaign star and lead actress in Amazon Prime’s Hanna

Sasha Pivovarova on the rise of Beautalism

Supermodel Sasha Pivovarova talks signing with Runway Gallery as an artist and her part in a new movement called Beautalism

Fashion designer Priya Ahluwalia’s clothes are a love letter to diversity

The London member and LVMH Prize 2020 finalist discusses how her collections are a proud interweaving of her dual Indian-Nigerian heritage

Why Stefan Cooke is the menswear label to watch

Founded by young London duo Stefan Cooke and Jake Burt, the brand’s radical reimagining of silhouettes sets them apart, says Alexander Fury

Masako Kumakura is innovating eyewear with mEeyye

Introducing the member-run business being touted as fashion’s first progressive lens eyewear line

Jonathan Anderson: defining the future of fashion

The British designer discusses with friend, writer and drag performer Amrou Al-Kadhi how clever clothes can make contemporary icons of us all

How the Black In Fashion Council is holding brands accountable

DUMBO House member Sandrine Charles discusses launching the council with Lindsay Peoples Wagner, and shares their plan for the fashion and beauty industries

The designers on Nate Brown’s radar

The creative director and fashion savant behind Beyoncé’s 2016 Formation tour shares the up-and-coming talent catching his eye

Lily Cole on the power of radical kindness

The actress, model, activist and member tells us why it was important for her book to take the conversation of climate change from doomism to optimism

An exclusive extract from Lily Cole’s new book, Who Cares Wins

In the chapter ‘Fur and diamonds’, the supermodel and activist traces the experiences that compelled her to think more deeply

Telsha Anderson is filling an Opening Ceremony-sized gap

The 27-year-old New York member talks opening her store, T.A., in the midst of a pandemic, becoming a viral hit and the designers she’s loving right now

Understanding unconscious bias

London-based jeweller and member Roxanne Rajcoomar-Hadden explores how unconscious bias negatively impacts Black business owners