DJ Levi Oi’s weekend celebration playlist

A woman with blue hair standing in a dark street.

The Vietnamese, Berlin-based DJ curates a playlist to reignite that Friday night feeling

By Dayna Southall    Image courtesy of Levi Doan    Friday 25 September, 2020    Short read

Long did we pine for a summer filled with saccharine Pornstar Martinis and sunbathing underneath the beating sun after work. Instead, our days became confined and our dreams of festival season were shattered. But one thing we’ve also seemed to have lost during this time is that excitable Friday feeling, and here to bring it back is Vietnamese DJ, Levi Oi, with her TGIF playlist

Filled with deep-house vibes and high-octane energy, Levi Oi is making sure we’re riding nothing less of a good wave as we enter the weekend. ‘It doesn’t really make sense to look forward to the weekend with everything that’s going on,’ she explains. ‘But I still wanted to create that feeling. I want to put people into that mindset of being able to just go out, have a drink and have fun, and this mix gets you in the right mood.’

‘There are also a lot of slower tracks – not everyone loves techno and I wanted to keep it varied. TGIF is such a distinctive feeling, because you have so much hope going into the weekend.’
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