House plants with Plantmom

A woman cutout onto a gold background.

In this Zoom-based workshop, we will be going over house plant basics with Monai McCullough, horticulturist and founder of PLANTMOM. It will be an informative Q&A session to answer all your plant questions and give you tips on how not to kill your greenery. We will be learning about how light and water affect plant health and what varieties are great for your space. McCullough also takes you on a tour of her home in Amsterdam, which is bursting with plant life.

Monai McCullough’s mission is to guide people through the complexities of indoor gardening by hosting workshops, bespoke events and consultations in the home or office. Plants are the essence of life, and now we’re spending more time indoors we need them more than ever. 

If you are inspired to make your home greener, you can find PLANTMOM on Instagram (, join a workshop on Zoom or book a virtual consultation with her on Superpeer for plant coaching, installation and personal advice
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