A punk playlist by NTS DJ Lorraine Petel

A punk rocker holding a bass guitar.

‘These years of punk never let me down’ – revisit the 1970s and 1980s with Petel

As the host of Yesterday’s News, the fortnightly NTS Radio show that plays the finest in punk, noise and garage from the past few decades, Lorraine Petel is more than qualified to give a lesson in punk. In this playlist, created for Soho House on Spotify, Petel has crafted a curated pick of exactly an hour’s worth of tracks.

‘It’s long enough to get a grasp of the different sounds that punk generated in the 1970s and 1980s, but short enough to mimic how fast and jarring punk as a subculture and sound can be,’ says Petel. ‘I focused on these two decades, because, to me, these years of punk never let me down. The aesthetic, the sound and the energy – all catchy, rough and a little bit angry – highlight the rawness that the genre brought to the table, which can possibly never be replicated again.’

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