The 24 hour Soho House playlist

An illustrated record.

Head of Music Dom Chung shares the definitive sounds from around our Houses

Dom Chung, music maestro and our Head of Music for UK and Europe, holds the key to the mood-setting blend of tracks that make up the sounds of our Houses. 

Now live on Spotify, the Morning Noon Night playlist features 24 hours of music, from the tracks played during breakfast at 40 Greek Street to familiar favourites at DUMBO House cocktail hour. Among the 300+ tracks, you’ll find work from our Soho Rising artists, such as Aeris Roves and Arlo Parks, alongside other emerging talents. 

‘I designed this playlist to feel like you could be at any of our Houses globally at any given point of the day,’ says Chung. ‘Our members will be familiar with the mix of new artists, plus more established [ones]. But for anyone who has never stepped foot in a House before, they are just some great tracks spread over 24 hours.’

Below, Chung shares his pick of the 300+ tracks (curated by C Burn) for different moods and times of the day:

For morning
‘Plain Sailing’– Tracey Thorn

Getting creatively inspired
‘My Sweet Lord’ – George Harrison 

For noon
‘Sweet Power, Your Embrace’– James Mason

A motivational pick-me-up
‘Don’t Let Love Get You Down’ – Archie Bell & The Drells 

To ease anxiety
‘Sweet Harmony’ – The Beloved 

Cocktail time
‘The Boss’ – Diana Ross

For night 
‘I Need You’ – Sylvester

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