How to make a St-Germain L’Exotique, the perfect drink for Pride weekend

Cocktail at bar

The parade in London might be cancelled, but you can still raise a glass to Pride (and all it stands for) with this colourful cocktail

In honour of Pride weekend, St-Germain has created an exclusive cocktail for Soho House that will only be available in the London Houses celebrating this weekend. Can’t join in? Don’t worry, you can make it yourself with this simple recipe.


35ml Santa Teresa 1796
15ml St-Germain
20ml lime juice
20ml pineapple juice
7.5ml amaretto
5ml sugar syrup

For garnish: a pineapple slice and a cherry 


Build over crushed ice in a highball or rocks glass. 

To find out more about our London Pride parties this weekend, click here
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