Flying solo – how to make a Paper Plane cocktail at home

Paper Plane cocktail with Angel's Envy | Soho House

As part of our One Night Only event series, learn to recreate the M.I.A-inspired aperitif with Angel’s Envy Bourbon

Friday 13 May 2022    By Soho House

Earlier this year, Budgie Montoya, the founder and head chef of modern fine dining Filipino restaurant, Sarap, hosted a dinner at Soho Farmhouse for our One Night Only event series, in partnership with Angel’s Envy

On the night, a bespoke cocktail menu – all crafted around Angel’s Envy bourbon – was created to complement the chef’s bold umami flavours. Standout drinks included a Champagne Spritz combined with tepache, a fermented pineapple drink that makes use of the fruit’s rinds, and a miso-washed, Old Fashioned. 

One of the keys to recreating a memorable dining experience at home is in the drinks you serve. Here at Soho House, we think the Paper Plane is an option that’s hard to beat. Bold in flavour but simple in ingredient count, this versatile crowd pleaser makes a great aperitif and pairs well with sweet, slightly spicy or smoky foods. Alternatively, throw caution to the wind and sip it all night long. 

Paper Plane 

25ml Angel’s Envy Bourbon
25ml Martini Fiero 
25ml lemon juice
25ml Amaro Nonino

1. Measure out all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Then, add ice and shake well. Double strain into a chilled coupette or Martini glass. 
2. Zest a lemon peel over the top, so the oils fall into the glass. Discard the peel and garnish with an origami paper plane on the side. 

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