A new twist on an Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned drink

Especially created for our One Night Only event series, our Santa Teresa 1796 Old Fashioned is an understated update on a signature House favourite

Saturday 25 June 2022   By Soho House

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t mess with a classic – and an Old Fashioned is about as quintessential as they come. Often namechecked alongside other cocktail heavyweights like the Manhattan, Negroni and Sazerac, the Old Fashioned’s streamlined ingredients list features just four components, leaving very little margin for error when it comes to reinterpretation. 

This is why our Santa Teresa 1796 Old Fashioned focuses on subtle tweaks, not audacious updates: the bitters are still there, but we’ve used a chocolate version, and have replaced the sugar cube with golden-brown demerara sugar for caramel smoothness. We haven’t reinvented the wheel, but then again, we didn’t have to. After all, classics are classic for a reason. 

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