Home Kitchen: Cacio e Pepe with Andrea Torre, Soho House Amsterdam

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Learn to cook Cacio e Pepe with Cecconi's Amsterdam Head Chef Andrea Torre, who serves up this signature Italian dish masterclass.

400g Semola Rimacinata flour
4 eggs
120g Pecorino Romano cheese, grated*
40g Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, grated*
20g Black pepper
(*ratio can vary according to personal taste)

Pasta dough
1. Mix flour and eggs by hand on a wooden board or in a Kitchen Aid, using the hook attachment.
2. Knead mixture until you have a smooth, homogeneous dough. 
3. Wrap the dough in plastic and let it rest in the fridge for one hour before shaping.
4. Pass dough through a hand-cranked pasta roller, decreasing from the widest setting to the second from last. 
5. Cut the now paper-thin sheet into 1/4 cm-wide strips with a knife or pasta cutter.

1. Place the Pecorino Romano and Parmigiano Reggiano cheeses, plus 180-200g of lukewarm water in a blender.
2. Blend for four minutes to obtain a smooth, creamy texture.
3. Toast the black pepper in a pan on a low heat, then grind and add to the sauce.
4. Cook pasta in salted boiling water.
5. Drain the pasta, place in a bowl and add the sauce. Keep some of the pasta cooking water aside.
6. Mix pasta and sauce together rapidly to ensure a smooth, creamy consistency. If needed, add a little pasta cooking water to reach the perfect smoothness.
7. Sprinkle with fresh grated cheese and black pepper.
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