Cowshed at home: jaw and neck massage

A woman receiving a massage in a spa.

Less stress in 10 minutes via Cowshed’s Jess Sproson

By Jess Sproson . Image by Patrick Chin   Thursday 9 April, 2020   Short read

Whether you’re experiencing strain from crouching over your makeshift desk-come-kitchen table, or carry tension in your neck and upper back, this massage technique – demonstrated by our Cowshed Treatment Developer, Jess Sproson – is an easy way to give yourself a moment of relief.

Here are some key take-away tips to remember:
1. Make sure you have a good oil on hand to massage into your skin – our Cowshed Multitask Kahai Wonder Balm is a great option, or you can use coconut oil from your kitchen.
2. Don’t worry if you see any redness – that’s a good sign that you’re getting the blood circulation going.
3. Keep facing straight ahead while you’re doing the neck massage techniques.

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A woman receiving a massage in a spa.