Household ingredients for brighter looking skin

A DIY face mask that’s low on effort, high on skin benefits

By Rachael Cooney   Thursday 2 April, 2020   Short read

A bowl of oats.

This quick three-ingredient face mask is an easy at-home facial alternative when you can’t get access to the real deal. Using three basic food items that you’re likely to have, this all-natural mask will exfoliate, soothe and soften your skin.



3 tbsp oats
Oats act as an anti-inflammatory ingredient and are great for soothing dry and itchy skin – a problem we’re more likely to face over the coming weeks, thanks to the combination of slightly warmer days, cold evenings and central heating.

1 tbsp honey
Honey provides the anti-bacterial benefits. Those found in manuka honey are the best, but any type will do. 

3 tbsp milk or plain yoghurt
The lactic acid in milk and yoghurt gently exfoliates the skin. 


Mix together all the ingredients by hand and apply to a clean face (the mask may be a little sloppy, so be sure to wear an old T-shirt when applying).

Leave for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash off using warm water and a cloth or flannel.

You may want to apply a moisturiser afterwards, especially if you suffer from dry skin. Cowshed Multitask Kahai Wonder Balm contains cold-pressed Kahai oil, which is rich in Vitamins E, F and Retinol, making it deeply replenishing and anti-ageing. Avocado butter and Daikon oil will soften and improve skin texture.

Two images on a grey background of someone mixing oats with yoghurt and honey.
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