Upgrade your video call backdrop 

The couple behind @the_adventureofus and @no.17house talk interiors and shelf-styling

As told to Jess Kelham-Hohler    Tuesday 31 March, 2020 .  Short read

A lounge-like interior.

'Create a sense of intrigue with sculptures, glasses and decorative objects that draw the eye and tell a story'

Video calls are proving to be a valuable tool for staying in touch with the people in our lives, providing the means for meetings with co-workers and virtual happy hours with social-distancing friends. However, with this connectability comes an unprecedented number of eyeballs getting an intimate look into your home. Styling your top half is simple – but what about your backdrop? This takes a little more finessing.

With a few simple switch-ups, you can turn your shelves from a dumping ground for books and knick-knacks