Supporting Black-owned businesses in partnership with Black Pound Day

Swiss Black Pound Day founder

This February, we’re excited to announce our year-long initiative with Black Pound Day – a movement that was created to help the UK’s Black economy grow

Launched on 27 June 2020 by artist and So Solid Crew member Swiss, today, Black Pound Day offers a directory for more than 2,000 Black-owned businesses in the UK and beyond.

Black Pound Day takes place on the first Saturday of every month, where communities are invited to promote UK Black-owned businesses, and spend locally and online with them. The initiative aims to unite all cultures and ethnicities to support the companies and strengthen the UK economy, with an ambition to expand its reach across global diasporic communities.

Each month, we will be highlighting and supporting businesses from within the Soho House and Black Pound Day community by offering complimentary Soho Works membership. Additionally, we will be helping with mentorship, social exposure and events, and work directly with the businesses to decide how best we can help them grow. Remember to #BlackPoundDay.

Fill out the form to apply for a complimentary Soho Works membership and be added to the Black Pound Day directory

Five ways to support Black-owned businesses by Black Pound Day founder, Swiss
‘Find a Black-owned business on the high street or online, and replace your normal spend with a product or service from that business. If you’re happy with your engagement, continue to patronise that business; if not, give feedback so that the business owner can make any necessary changes.’

‘If you’re not able to spend with a Black business, promoting them is a great substitute. Do some research, make yourself familiar with them, and inform others through word of mouth or social media. Often, people don’t know about Black businesses, so making them aware of the ones you’re familiar with really helps.’

Leave a review
‘Giving online reviews helps the credibility of any business; it adds the human touch that encourages potential customers to engage. Small businesses tend not to have big budgets for advertising and marketing, so reviews become an important means of acquiring customers. Reviews are transparent and a good way of proving that what the business is offering works.’

If you are passionate, become a part of the economic movement to support Black businesses. There are companies, platforms, podcasts, books and documentaries, as well as a wide range of community groups that you can access online who advocate for anti-racist causes. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with everyone, from experts and activists to enthusiastic newbies. There’s a whole movement out there to find a safe space of learning more about advocacy.’

Tell a friend
‘It’s said that word of mouth is still the best form of advertising. Personal testimony, especially to a friend, is probably the most effective way of spreading a good word about a Black business because it’s intimate and authentic. They’re likely to give custom to that business based on your suggestion as they trust your judgement.’

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