How I Launched: The Unseen Acting School

How I Launched with Arjun Rose, The Unseen

Talent academy founder and Shoreditch House member, Arjun Rose, talks to Anish Patel about increasing diversity on TV, The Unseen Film Festival, and building his business from Soho House

‘The Unseen is a school for everyone,’ says Arjun Rose, founder of the London-based acting academy, which he set up in 2016. Noticing a lack of on-screen representation on British TV, Rose left the world of scriptwriting (and waved goodbye to his life in Hollywood) to set up a school in the UK that would encourage more people of colour to pursue a career in film and entertainment. Through careful mentorship and training, attendees are equipped with the relevant skills and contacts needed to make it in the industry. 

In those early days, the school operated out of the basement studios of Rose’s entertainment friends, but is now hosted at Soho Works Dean Street – a space big enough to hold the school’s fast-growing student body. ‘Soho House has been so good to us over the years,’ says Rose. ‘It wouldn’t be what it is without [director] Tom Collins’ support.’ 

Watch the video to learn more about The Unseen and Rose’s latest venture, The Unseen Film Festival. 
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