Purpose Leaders: In conversation with André Spence and Nick Jones

In Conversation with Andre Spence

Global Purpose Enterprise founder and Soho Works member, André Spence, talks to some of the UK’s Black movers and shakers in a seven-part series for Soho House. For the final episode, he talks to Soho House Founder, Nick Jones, about supporting the creative Black community

Empower the Black community and everyone benefits. Such is the belief of André Spence, founder of Global Purpose Enterprise – an initiative and network founded in 2017 to uplift young people of colour. Through guidance, mentorship and live events, Spence and his team help members find their purpose and, as a result, navigate their futures.

This year, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve partnered up with Global Purpose Enterprise for Purpose Leaders, a seven-part video series made exclusively for Soho House. In each episode, Spence sits down with creative tastemakers, leaders and activists from the Black community to discuss their journey to the top, the challenges they’ve faced on the way, and their upcoming projects.

For the final episode in the series, Spence sits down with Soho House Founder, Nick Jones, to discuss the company’s mentorship programme, it’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity, and hear his advice on how to be an ally to the Black creative community. 

For more information on Soho House’s mentorship programme, click here.

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