Five beauty influencers who are championing self-love

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Soho House Committee member and stylist Monikh Dale rounds up the natural beauty movers and shakers to follow now

By Monikh Dale

Before the rise of social media, my beauty routine involved layers of foundation, contouring and three-step rituals. Back then, I’d always believed that beauty was about concealing what I had. My make-up brush allowed me to paint a version of myself that I thought I wanted, based on what I was being influenced to look like: one dimensional. 

Now, in my mid-thirties, I can find inspiring role models and beauty influencers at the touch of a screen, who offer alternative views of beauty. They recently helped me form my own opinion of what beauty really is. 

Throughout lockdown, I used the extra time at home to go back to basics and question how much make-up I needed to wear. Using the advice and know-how of some of social media’s beauty influencers, I ditched the made-up look that hid my natural features. And although I can’t deny my love for a little light contour here and there, a year later – as we come out of lockdown – I can proudly say that I’m a lot more ‘me’ than I’ve ever been before. 

Here are the beauty influencers who helped me along the way:  

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Rose Inc by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Founded by supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Rose Inc is dedicated to showcasing the work of the chicest beauty image creators out there. The experts it hosts are always super-sleek, natural and effortless as they share all their skin secrets. Plus, the calming images offer a moment of escape.

@rose inc

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Stella Simona
Stella Simona is a jewellery designer who’s quickly becoming iconic within the beauty industry, too. Follow her for recommendations on the best beauty gadgets to enhance your skin. Warning: her glow is hypnotising. 


Alexis Foreman
The mum of three from Brighton in the UK is full of ideas on how to keep your skin feeling fresh, whatever your age. Remember to tune into her Sunday Sessions for honest product reviews and a few facial toning tricks. 


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For that ultimate French makeover, Violette is the one to follow. From a stained lip to winged eyeliner, she has all the tips to vamp up your style in a subtle way. 


Babba C Rivera
This Swedish-Latina beauty is a ray of sunshine. Her positive vibe is infectious, and her entrepreneurial skills are inspiring. Check out her brand Ceremonia for clean haircare. 


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