The best global wellness retreats to book right now

The best global wellness retreats to book right now | Soho House

In need of a recharge? We have Houses all over the world that are just perfect for a little R&R

Thursday 10 November 2022    By Soho House

No matter what the time of year, it is important to schedule some rest in between juggling your work life, family and friends, and the endless hamster wheel that is social media. 

It’s no secret that an uptick in the pace of life is leading to creative burnout and in moments like these, escape becomes essential. A little pause to give you clarity and renew your energy.
To help you bounce back when you need it, here are six restorative House retreats that offer just that. Read on, book in, log off – and go get that inner peace.

A girl sat in a towel leaning up against the wall in the sauna room at Soho House Rome
A girl getting a full body treatment at Soho House Rome

Soho House Rome  


If you’re looking for rigour over relaxation, Soho House Rome might be your best bet. The 10-storey, pastel-toned tower houses one of our new Soho Health Club destinations which, alongside the gym, offers some adventurous hi-tech distractions. These include cryotherapy (at a chilling -110°C), and infra-red, ozone and IV-drip therapies. If that’s not enough to revitalise you, order a cup of mushroom extract tea with maca and ashwagandha, and watch the sun rise over a panoramic view of San Lorenzo. 

A blue cabin over a lake at Soho Farmhouse
Someone relaxing in a hot tub at Soho Farmhouse