A pink and orange background with the text Summer of Love, closeness, spontaneity, and our moment in the sun

As parts of the world begin to open and everyone re-emerges, we take a minute to pause. As well as remembering the simple pleasures that were taken away from us, we anticipate how to reconnect with the things we yearned for the most. This summer, it’s time to celebrate our renewed freedoms and the joys that come with them.

A woman dancing in an empty sports hall

Centre stage with Mj Rodriguez

A person's profile against a yellow spotlight

Osman Yousefzada: ‘We are stronger together’

Archive image of The Beatles band pictured in India in traditional dress

The Beatles: How a trip to India changed everything

MUMBAI: We talk to Bollywood actor Kabir Bedi about the Fab Four’s love affair with the subcontinent and how it changed them
An image collage of a white house with a palm tree outside, and a man leaning on a table with an orange on it

A day in the life of photographer Sean Barrow

A beige and lime green illustration of a dice and the text Perudo Nights with Cosmo and Orson

Perudo: The game that's bringing everyone back together

LONDON: We talk to Cosmo and Orson Fry about how traditional games are replacing tech as a way of connecting