How a solo holiday helped photographer Sean Barrow rediscover himself

Stylish art deco beach front hotel

On a trip to Soho Beach House Miami, self-love got a new meaning

By Sean Barrow    Models include Michael Loizzo and friends    Friday 28 May, 2021

Self-love, to me, is about being excited and satisfied by your own presence; it’s a feeling of not needing anyone else to provide you with validation or entertainment. For most people, a major challenge of the pandemic was being isolated from friends and loved ones, and spending so much time alone. Many were forced to do a lot of self-work and deal with various emotions they hadn’t previously addressed. But something beautiful that came out of this moment was a renewed appreciation and understanding of one’s self.
In my photography, I capture raw moments, not ones that are overly produced or staged. During my trip to Soho Beach House Miami, I made a point to bring my cameras with me at all times – you never know when inspiration may strike. 

The below journal is about celebrating yourself and doing things that make you happy. It’s also about being fully satisfied with your own company. There’s something so enjoyable yet powerful about going on holiday by yourself – spending time relaxing in the sun, taking an afternoon nap, or putting on a stylish outfit to explore the city. This trip was about getting to experience all of those things while being able to do what I love: taking photos. 

All of the photos in this journal were taken on film – a combination of 35mm and medium format – and are meant to capture both the uniqueness of the property and the moments I felt represented self-love.

Close up of man lying face down on sun lounger
Man floating in swimming pool taken from above sunny day
Close crop of mans legs on sandy beach
Man sitting at wooden table holding an orange

One of the trip highlights was coming back to the room after laying out in the sun and being met by the most gorgeous sunset lighting.

Man with wearing blue shirt holding large black bag
Man sitting at table with arms crossed head resting on arms looking at camera orange on the table
Close up on man sitting on sun lounger wearing red swim shorts
Red cool box sitting on the sand with iced coffee on top
Yellow sandals taken from above