When This Is All Over by Harry Hitchens

a puppet on edge of bathtub.

The U27 London member and filmmaker shares his short film, a quarantine collaboration with Simon Plunket in aid of World Central Kitchen.

'When your most trusted DoP informs you that he’s quarantining with several hand-made puppets in a mental house where the wallpaper pattern matches the bed linen, you really have no choice but to write a script and download skype to direct it,' says Harry Hitchens.

Written and Directed by Harry Hitchens
Director of Photography Simon Plunket
Additional Material by Ryan O’Connor

Starring: Ryan O’Connor as Kevin, Harry Hitchens as Jonny, Desmond + Jack, Sophie Hopkins as Jen.

Puppeteers: Kinvara, Penny + Theo Rose

Original Score by Max Brodie
Dialogue, sound edit + mix by NiceSound

Colour by Jessica Vile

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