Olympic Pride, American Prejudice conversation

A woman cutout into a gold circle on a blue background.

To mark the postponed Olympics, film-maker Deborah Riley Draper talks about her documentary, Olympic Pride, American Prejudice, that’s centred around the 18 African-American athletes who defied Jim Crow to compete in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. She’s joined by the film’s producer and narrator, actor Blair Underwood (Self Made: Inspired By The Life Of Madam C.J. Walker, Sex And The City). Together, they discuss how excellence is the best deterrent to racism. They also trace the history of athletes as activists, from Jesse Owens and the other 17 athletes lost to history who stood on the podium under the gaze of Hitler, right through to tennis player Naomi Osaka.

While they were not invited to the White House in 1936, all 18 athletes were recognized posthumously by President Obama after Riley Draper shone a spotlight on their achievements. Their names are Dave Albritton, John Brooks, James Clark, Cornelius Johnson, Willis Johnson, Howell King, Dr James LuValle, Ralph Metcalfe, Art Oliver, Jesse Owens, Tidye Pickett, Louise Stokes, Jack Wilson, Fritz Pollard Jr, Mack Robinson, John Terry, Archie Williams and John Woodruff.
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