Soho House Tel Aviv, Jaffa: opening summer 2021

A water tower near the sea

Built in the Old City from 1883, Soho House Tel Aviv, Jaffa is designed in a European style, with symmetrical turrets facing the historic Yefet Street

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Event recap: Noga Erez

Located in a former convent, close to the well-known Jaffa Flea Market

A house in the sun
A marketplace
A fruit stall
A man playing volleyball on the beach

The House features a club, garden, pool, and 24 bedrooms

A render of a rooftop pool
A render of a terrace
A render of a stylish bedroom

Stay with us

24 bedrooms ranging from Tiny to an Apartment size. Reservations will be open soon, please reach out if you have any queries.

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Soho House Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Yefet Street 27, Tel Aviv‑Jaffa, 6813005